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20th ANNIVERSARY - SCANDINAVIAN OPEN 2017 (February 22-26)

Bo Siemsen

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The preparations for the 2017 Edition of the Scandinavian Open are well under way. It will be our 20th anniversary. 20 years and still going strong. The tournament will again be held at Danhostel Amager, the location that has served us so well in recent years.

We will continue the extended format that we introduced in 2016. The Tournament will once again be a 5 day event with Friendly gaming Wednesday and Thursday and the classic 5 round ASO main tournament starting friday running through sunday. There will also be mini tournaments saturday and sunday.

The friendly gaming Wednesday and Thursday will take place at the same venue as the main tournament, so you can see it as a chance to warm up for the main tournament or just a chance to play some new opponents in a friendly atmosphere. We will also set up a mini tournament on thursday for those yearning for more competitive gaming.

We have been able to negotiate a very good price with our Tournament Venue:
(Exact prices to be confirmed, but expected to be along these lines again)

Wednesday through Sunday (Full monty) - 275 Euros
Thursday through Sunday - 250 Euros
Friday through Sunday (Main ASO Tournament) - 190 Euros

These price covers the Tournament fee, linnen and towels (10 Euros) as well as breakfast, lunch and dinners for the duration of your stay. In addition you will have to pay for a room to sleep in. The cost of that depends on how many you are willing to share a room with (rooms include shower and bathroom).

1-person room, Approximately 70 Euros per night per person
2-person room, Approximately 38 Euros per night per person
3-person room, Approximately 30 Euros per night per person
4-person room, Approximately 27 Euros per night per person

Contact Michael Hastrup-Leth (hastrupleth@gmail.com) for registration and a specific price for your stay.

Updates with regards to registered players, scenarios, ABS etc. will be made available on our website leading up to the tournament. Updates will be announced in the Gamesquad forums.

More details at our website:

See you in February
Bo Siemsen & Michael Hastrup-Leth

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Count me in!


I'm not sure if I can make all days yet though, but I'll be there in some form. (Probably in better shape than last time wink.png )


PS. Trojan Games sponsored last time, and will this time as well. DS.


Edit: I just saw the cost. It's very expensive, but I'll try anyway.

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Hi Andreas - the cost should be the same as last year - and very near the same as two years ago. We try to keep them as low as possible, the 200 dkr tournament fee is all we get to handle the tournament, the rest is payment to Danhostel.


If you share a room with at least one other the overall cost is much lower, sharing with 3 others will reduce it to around 1800 dkr for the three day event. This year we had a deduction for those who attended all 5 days.


To my surprise at lot of the non Scandinavian players prefer single rooms even though their overall cost suffers :-)


This year we payed Danhostel around 115.000 dkr - a very large amount of money to handle .... and takes a lot of time to organize.


Thanks for your support Andreas, not only this time but also for all the other years you have supported ASO


See you at Supporting Fire :-)



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Andreas, tror du blandar ihop priset för ett rum med priset för 3-4 pers som delar rum.

250-ish euro för turnering och boende är vad jag kommer ihåg att vi betalt förr om åren.


Du har rätt, jag mindes fel.


Jaja, det är väl som med ASL-prylar, man måste ju ha allt! :D

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Scenario's for the 20th ASL Scandinavian Open 2017

1st long round; Friday 10.00 to 18.30
SP 74 "The last Tiger"
ASL 180 "The T-Patchers"
J 168 "Katusha's Embrace"
1st short round; Friday 13.30 to 18.30
SP 154 "On the Road to Hell"
J 163 "Riding to the Rescue"
ASL 200 "Broich Bash" (=A69)
2nd round; Friday 19.00 to 01.00
J 165 "Among the Dead"
J 163 "Assault on Baerendorf" (*1)
ESG #12 "Road Kill" (*2)
*1; ASO SSR "In German OB exchange the two 436 for two 447"
*2; ASO SSR "The three M3 Halftracks (only) may not end a Mph in an enemy units hex"
3rd round; Saturday 08.30 to 15.30
J 170 "Red Churchills" (*3)
J 175 "Bedburg Bite"
J 178 "Old Friends"
*3; ASO SSR " Exchange one Russian 8-0 for a 9-1"
4th round; Saturday 16.00 - 01.00
secret round;
three published scenarios as first option to choose from or one unpublished scenario as the second option.
5th round; Sunday 8.00 to 14.30
The scenarios for the final will be released 1st of January
At the moment it looks like we will have between 40 and 50 players, among these are 10 players who will play friendly games only.
Consider this an option for those off you who don't want to play the main tournament.
We will have 3 round mini tournaments Saturday/ Sunday and Thursday
One will be a offspring of the Steven Pleva Gor-Gor heretical ASL mini tournament; ASL with all sorts of special rules :-)
ASO will start Wednesday the 22nd of February, with two days of mainly Friendly games and the main tournament starting Friday - as usual.
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As a special service announcement to our swedish friends. The final update at our website has been made. All information for the tournament should now be available:


- Scenario list

- Mini tournaments

- Registered players (51)

- Equipment needed for the tournament

- ASO SSR's, Clarifications and Point Bidding System




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