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  1. RE-POSTING Clerical error in the standings. Martin Yngerskog and Martin Kristensen earned one more win each. Rank - Results - Player 1 - 4 wins - Kenneth Knudsen 2 - 4 wins, 1 draw - G. Tournemire 3 - 4 wins - Paul Chamberland 4 - 4 wins - Arnaud Sanchis 5 - 4 wins - Melvin Falk 6 - 4 wins - Enrico Catanzaro 7 - 4 wins - Eero Vihersari 8 - 3 wins, 1 draw - Ketil Høgenhaug 9 - 3 wins - Ran Shiloah 10 - 3 wins - Svante Sandblom 11 - 3 wins - Andreas Carlsson 12 - 3 wins - Martin Yngerskog 13 - 3 wins - Olivier Dietsch 14 - 3 wins - Kåre Jacobsen 15 - 3 wins - Tomas Davidsson 16 - 3 wins -
  2. Special service to our swedish friends. Likely the last website update prior to ASO. WEBSITE UPDATED: - Updated "Equipment needed" for ASO 2018 You can also find the list here: LONG FIRST ROUD Boards; 4, 17, 46, 56, 57, 1a, u Overlays; B3, X14, X16, X17, X21 SHORT FIRST ROUND Boards; 23, 40, 47, 66, 68 Overlays; O1, O2, X9, X11, X13, ROUNDS 2-5 Boards; 1, 4, 11, 17, 18, 19, 20, 42, 43, 46, 49, 57, 62, 63, 64, 65, 70, 71, 72, 78, 79, 2a, 5a, 8a Overlays; O2, O4, Wd3, X11, X14, X15, X21, X25, I (from Rivers to the Reich) MINI TOURNAMENT Boards Schwerpunkt mini; 17z, 49, 63, 71, 76 NATION
  3. WEBSITE UPDATED: - List of registered players updated (stands at 48) - Updated PBS for all scenarios in rounds 1-3 and 5 in the "ABS and Special Rules" section. http://asl-so.dk/ As an extra service, here is the PBS for ASO 2018 ROUND 1 (early start) - FRIDAY 10.00 to 18.30 J187 In Deadly Combat ID Bid Points German A 1 Increase the Russian SAN to 4 B 1 Delete four concealment counters from the German OB C 2 Add one 7-0 to the Russian OB D 2 Delete one 4-3-6 from the German OB E 3 German Turn 3 reinforcemants enter on Turn 4 ID Bid Points Russian A 1 Increase the German SAN to 4 B 1 Add f
  4. As a special service announcement to our swedish friends. The final update at our website has been made. All information for the tournament should now be available: - Scenario list - Mini tournaments - Registered players (51) - Equipment needed for the tournament - ASO SSR's, Clarifications and Point Bidding System www.asl-so.dk
  5. Excellent work, Mel If you dont mind I will include it in the scenario pack at ASO.
  6. The preparations for the 2017 Edition of the Scandinavian Open are well under way. It will be our 20th anniversary. 20 years and still going strong. The tournament will again be held at Danhostel Amager, the location that has served us so well in recent years. We will continue the extended format that we introduced in 2016. The Tournament will once again be a 5 day event with Friendly gaming Wednesday and Thursday and the classic 5 round ASO main tournament starting friday running through sunday. There will also be mini tournaments saturday and sunday. The friendly gaming Wednesday and Thurs
  7. The final game between Mr.Falk and Mr.Tournemire was won by Melvin Falk. In a game of "Best think again" Melvin had thought really well about how to defend against the aggressive russian and with a couple of turns still left Mr.Tournemire conceded game. With that Melvin claimed his 6th tournament win at Scandinavian Open. Congratulations and well done ! After a couple of late cancelations we had 38 players in the main tournament and 9 players who played friendly games for a total of 47 participants over the 5 day period that ASO lastet. The first players started showing up on monday and Tuesd
  8. The ASO website has been updated http://asl-so.dk/ - ABS and Clarifications has been added to the website. Round 1 early start. AP 48 "Up Inferno Hill" G3 G2 + exchange Russian 9-1 for a 9-2 G2 G1 + delete one 468 from German turn 2 OB G1 exchange two Russian 447 for two 458 R1 delete ATR and Hero from Russian OB R2 R1 + delete one 447 from Russian OB R3 R2 + delete one T34/m41 from Russian at start OB Clarification; in SSR 2 replace " Scrounged wrecks" with "burnt out wrecks" ASO SSR; " after the first Panther have been recalled, immobilized or eliminated, no matter what caused it, the
  9. The preparations for the 2016 Edition of the Scandinavian Open are well under way. Inspired by discussions in the Gamesquad forum and talks with regular attendees we have decided to expand the event by 2 optional extra days. The dates for the tournament will be February 24-28 2016. Wedneday-Thursday, February 24-25 will be Friendly Gaming only. Friday-Sunday, February 26-28 we will have our classic format ASO Tournament with a 5 round main tournament combined with minitournaments saturday/sunday. The friendly gaming Wednesday/Thursday will take place at the same venue as the main tourname
  10. The ASO Website (http://www.asl-so.dk/) has been further updated: - Updated list of participants. Still stands at 45 - Added ABS, SSR's and Clarifications to all scenarios - Announced the scenarios for the Minitournaments - Added "Equipment needed for ASO 2015" - Updated information on 2015 sponsors SPONSORS ASL Scandinavian Open would like to acknowledge our confirmed sponsors for 2015: - Multimanpublishing (www.multimanpublishing.com) - Battleschool (www.asl-battleschool.blogspot.dk/) - Trojan Games (www.Trojangames.se) - Keys Games And Hobbies (Email only - hobbies747@gmail.com) - Bound
  11. Hej Matts, Håber du kommer til ASO. Har du fortalt Michael at du gerne vil deltage ? Jeg har ikke dit navn på listen over deltagere. Skriv til hastrupleth@gmail.com
  12. The ASO Website has been updated in preparation for ASO 2015 (http://www.asl-so.dk/) - Updated When and Where (Including updated cost of participation) - Updated list of participants - Updated How to Register - Updated Scenario list The 2015 Scenario list: ROUND 1 (Early Start) FRF71 - Pulling out DB113 - Fontenay By Day A68 - Acts of Defiance ROUND 1 (Late Start) RPT88 - Pape's Incursion O9 - Behind in the count SP229 - The Devil's Congregation ROUND 2 J23 - Kampgruppe at Karachev HP?? - Lagus Assault Guns FRF76 - Pain in the neck ROUND 3 AP32 - Second Crack at Caumont BFP22 - Speed
  13. The preparations for the 2014 Edition of the Scandinavian Open are well under way. The date remain unchanged - February 21-23 2014. We have decided to change venues for the 2014 Tournament. We have found an affordable youthhostel in the Copenhagen Area which can offer us an excellent playing area, affordable lodging and good service. The tournament format will remain the same as in past years. There will be 5 rounds and there will be a round with secret scenarios, ready to be published, from quality designers. It will most likely be the 3rd round in 2014 and not the 4th round like it was in
  14. Nej, Mej, jeg siger ikke at det kun kan læses på en måde. Jeg er enig i at de var dårligt beskrevet. Men det må vel designers intentioner der er afgørende. Det var det jeg beskrev. Og det forstod du ikke. Istedet skrev du din egen version af hvad jeg mente. Men, pyt nu med det Mel, jeg har forstået hvad det egentlig handler om for dig.
  15. Jeg har det fra Fortenberry direkte. Ikke andres fortolkning. Og det er vel essentielt også det jeg siger. Bortset fra at jeg kalder det "VP" i stedet for "counts as one building controlled" Men det er vel også ligegyldigt, for den VC bliver mig bekendt ændret lidt når scenariet bliver submitted til MMP.
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