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  1. And another Swedish victory. Congratulations Melvin, and thanks for the support from Andreas, Stefan, Svante, Daniel, Mel and Magnus....We hope to se you all next year.... and looking forward to more Swedes attending than this year, you were almost surpased by the Norwegians 🙂
  2. Looking forward to a long weekend of ASL in Copenhagen next week - we have 33 players pre-registered so far, 27 for the main tournament. And we have room for more, so if you feel the need for a fun weekend starting Friday next week....or with friendly gaming starting Wednesday, then don't hesitate to contact us 🙂 Jambo Jambo Michael
  3. Looking forward to seeing you all at ASO !! And hope you like the scenario selection 🙂 Merry Christmas Michael
  4. The 25th ASO is getting close The dates are set; Wednesday the 2nd to Sunday the 6th, with the main tournament starting Friday, as usual. The Location is Danhostel Ishøj, like august 2021. The old location went bankrupt in late 2020, and is torn down. The scenario list is made public. You can find it at our homepage WWW.asl-so.dk or at Gamesquad. So, we are ready ..... the great unknow factor is off course, the current surge in Covid-19. We have done what Bo and I, together with Danhostel Ishøj, thinks is necessary; all participants have to be vaccinated att least twice or have the antibodies from recovering from recent Covid-19 virus. Dokumentation is needed. In Denmark, we currently have no limitation on the number of people that can attend events like ASO. We hope to se you at ASO next year. Best regards, Merry Christmas and Happey New ASL Year Bo and Michael
  5. We hope that around 40 played will attend, which should be possible with the number of players contacting us the last days..... but at the moment 10 is the maximum number of allowed people in the same room, so things will have to change for the better. Getting the vaccinations started will hopefully get it done. Michael
  6. ASL Scandinavian Open 2020 was - as far as I know - the last international tournament before Covid-19 hit us all. Now we hope that ASO 2021 will be able to be one of the first FtF international tournaments post Covid :-) We have postponed the tournament to June, starting Friday the 11th to Sunday the 13th. The situation in june is off course a bit uncertain, but we cross our fingers and hope for a speedy recovery with a lot of effective vaccinations the next 6 months. We start by planning a 3 day event, but we will be happy to open for friendly gaming one or two days earlier, if there are players willing to attend earlier. We also have had to find a new tournament facility as Danhostel Amager closes for two years while a new city and a new Danhostel Amager are built in its place. Danhostel Ishøj have been chosen as a replacement in 2021, and maybe in 2022. Travel by car to Ishøj is not much different, but it takes a bit longer by train from the airport - 40 min with one shift, and 15 min by cab. Hope to see a lot of you from Sweden again best regards, Merry Christmas happy new year and roll low :-) Bo and Michael
  7. The 23rd Scandinavian Open will take place - as usual - in Danhostel Amager, Copenhagen from Wednesday 26th of February to Sunday 1st of March. Wednesday and Thursday are for relaxed gaming, with an optional Winter Offensive mini Thursday. The main tournament opens Friday 10.00 or 13.30 and have 5 rounds ending Sunday 14.00 3 round mini tournaments are running Saturday (2 rounds) and Sunday (final round) We have 47 pre-registrated players (10 swedes) 39 in the main tournament, the rest playing friendly games or participating in mini tournaments. But we have room for more ! so if you want to participate in Europes largest ASL event - you will be welcome :-) best regards Bo and Michael The scenarios for the main tournament are: Som of the scenarios have ASO balances, available at our homepage ; www.asl-so.dk ROUND 1 (early start) J152 “Messenger Boys” (G41/B34) J1 “Urban Gurillas” (G147/ R187) RPT “Meet me at the station” (G7/R9) ROUND 1 (late start) AP 141 “Currie’s Favor” (G2/ B6) A70 “Wintergewitter” (G158/R127) ASL Scenario 23 “Under the Noel Trees” (G209/A204) ROUND 2 AP138 “Red Horse Recon” (G1/ A2) FrF23 “Elephants Unleashed” (G57/R57) HS30 “The Good Shepherd” (G33/C21) ROUND 3 AP142 “The Closer” (G2/ B0) BFP22 Speed over Caution (G39/A34) FrF 97 Wrecking the Rentals” (G8/R7) ROUND 4 Secret round ROUND 5 AP 34 “Bocage Blockage” (G51/A41) FrF 58 “Order 831” (G43/R33) SP 123 “The Badgers breath” (G45/C57)
  8. Somehow I forgot Axis minor in the packing list !!! see some of you soon :-) best regards Michael
  9. Bo will be able to send the entire scenario pack this weekend best regards Michael
  10. Scandinavian Open 2018 will take place from Wednesday 28/2 to Sunday 4/3 in Danhostel Amager. The main tournament will start Friday and the two first days are optional :-) All in all the tournament will be no different than last year, and the cost has not changed either. For more details, go to www.asl-so.dk Here is the scenario list: 1. round - long Friday10-18.30J187 In "Deadly Combat"199 "Ace in the Hole" DB130 "Tigers and Flames" 1. round - short 13.30 - 18.30WO9 "Sting'em at ZingenJ 102 "The Yelna Bridge"FrF 86 "Belgian Tigers" 2. round Friday 19-01FrF 87 "Mormal Forest"SP 261 "Gunning for Gas"RPT 122 "Letter Buck" 3. round Saturday 8.30 - 15.30AP 128 "Flight in Fancy"AP 130 "Margaret Morning"AP 131 "Crickets in Spring" 4. roundSecret round 16.00- 01.00 5. round Sunday 08.30- 14.00AP 127 "The First Virtue"SP 258 " Operation Blackwater"FrF 89 "Black Tears Shed on Gray" Best Regards Bo and Michael
  11. Thanks Melvin - will be very useful at ASO best regards Michael
  12. Number off players pre-registered reach 50 today. 14 Swedes, 7 Norwegians and the usual 4 Finnish players :-) But we have room for more... Michael
  13. A couple off mistakes: "Riding to the Rescue" is J161 and "Assault on Baerendorf" is J173 Michael
  14. Scenario's for the 20th ASL Scandinavian Open 2017 1st long round; Friday 10.00 to 18.30SP 74 "The last Tiger"ASL 180 "The T-Patchers"J 168 "Katusha's Embrace" 1st short round; Friday 13.30 to 18.30SP 154 "On the Road to Hell" J 163 "Riding to the Rescue"ASL 200 "Broich Bash" (=A69) 2nd round; Friday 19.00 to 01.00J 165 "Among the Dead"J 163 "Assault on Baerendorf" (*1)ESG #12 "Road Kill" (*2) *1; ASO SSR "In German OB exchange the two 436 for two 447"*2; ASO SSR "The three M3 Halftracks (only) may not end a Mph in an enemy units hex" 3rd round; Saturday 08.30 to 15.30J 170 "Red Churchills" (*3)J 175 "Bedburg Bite"J 178 "Old Friends" *3; ASO SSR " Exchange one Russian 8-0 for a 9-1" 4th round; Saturday 16.00 - 01.00secret round; three published scenarios as first option to choose from or one unpublished scenario as the second option. 5th round; Sunday 8.00 to 14.30The scenarios for the final will be released 1st of January At the moment it looks like we will have between 40 and 50 players, among these are 10 players who will play friendly games only. Consider this an option for those off you who don't want to play the main tournament.We will have 3 round mini tournaments Saturday/ Sunday and Thursday One will be a offspring of the Steven Pleva Gor-Gor heretical ASL mini tournament; ASL with all sorts of special rules :-) ASO will start Wednesday the 22nd of February, with two days of mainly Friendly games and the main tournament starting Friday - as usual. Michael
  15. Hi Andreas - the cost should be the same as last year - and very near the same as two years ago. We try to keep them as low as possible, the 200 dkr tournament fee is all we get to handle the tournament, the rest is payment to Danhostel. If you share a room with at least one other the overall cost is much lower, sharing with 3 others will reduce it to around 1800 dkr for the three day event. This year we had a deduction for those who attended all 5 days. To my surprise at lot of the non Scandinavian players prefer single rooms even though their overall cost suffers :-) This year we payed Danhostel around 115.000 dkr - a very large amount of money to handle .... and takes a lot of time to organize. Thanks for your support Andreas, not only this time but also for all the other years you have supported ASO See you at Supporting Fire :-) Michael
  16. update: 38 players in the main tournament Friday. 10 players will start playing Wednesday, with 4 more flying in Thursday. We have players attending with a wide range of skill level, so you don't need to be a very good ASL players to attend - there will be a lot of fun :-) Michael
  17. 32 players have preregistered in the main tournament .... until now ...including 6 Swedes; Melvin Falk, Christoffer Peyre, Daniel Qvarfordt, Andreas Carlsson, Mattias Bergwall, Mattias Rönnblom. And there is room for more :-) Richard Dagnall, Eoin Corrigan, David Muir and Bo Siemsen will play "hygge spil" from Wednesday to Sunday Michael
  18. Clarification .. the secret mini tournaments scenarios will not be secret during play....but will be announced just before the round starts :-) Michael
  19. Here is the ASO 2016 scenario list: FridayEarly first round; 10.00 to 18.30AP 48 "Up Inferno Hill"SP 146 "Terrify and Destroy"ASL 37 "Khamsin" Late first round; 13.30 to 18.30AP 108 "Yes Sir"FrF 79 "Saving the Center"WP 15 "Burnt, Blue and Grey" Round two; 19.00-01.00AP 100 "Coal in their Stockings"SP 248 "Mango Tango"AP 94 "Show of Force" SaturdayRound three 8.30 -15.30WO 15 "Liberators Day"AP 95 "Operation Kutuzov"FrF 78 "No Glory in War" Round four 16.00 - 01.00Secret round - choose between one not yet published scenario or if one/ both players prefer; 3 published scenarios. SundayRound five 08.00-14.00FrF 77 "Ghostbusters"AP 93 "Best Think Again"DB 120 " Start Fall Gelb" ABS will be published no later than 1st of February. Players with one or two losses Friday, will have the option of playing in a mini tournament with 2 rounds Saturday and one Sunday.One mini tournament will be "the secret one" with alle scenarios unknown to the players. The other mini tournaments will be announced later. This year we have the option of friendly gaming Wednesday and Thursday ..... and the rest of the weekend if preferred :-) The ASL event is held at "Danhostel Amager" - located very near central Copenhagen, 5 min i cab from Copenhagen airport. Bo and Michael
  20. Scandinavian Open 2016 is closing in. This year we will have the option of two days of friendly gaming starting Wednesday the 24th at 10 AM. Besides this, the weekend will follow the usual rutine with a choice between an early 1st round Friday and the short round starting at 13.30. The tournament will have 5 rounds with 3 scenarios to choose. Saturday evening will have a secret round, with a choice between 3 previously published scenarios - or if both players agree - one new unpublished scenario. There will be players attending the long weekend, who only play friendly games, so if you enjoy ASL ,but not tournaments - this is the place to be, the last full weekend of February. The dates are ; Wednesday the 24th of February to Sunday the 28th Hope to see a lot you .. but please don't bring Zlatan ...he is so damn ,good that he might also win ASO :-) best regards Michael and Bo
  21. Hi Lars For me it was cool to get to play in the tournament ... we were an uneven number off players, so I had to volunteer :-) Played with; Martin Houmøller - dk, Mattias Bergwall -S, Paul Chamberland - USA, Michel Bongovianni - Fr, Timo Kärna - Fi, It is not often that it is possible to get to play with players from so may countries, and it was great fun. Could be you next year Lars :-) best regards Michael
  22. Følgende 15 svenske spillere er tilmeldt; Melvin Falk, Daniel Qvarfordt, Patrik Manlig, Mattias Rönblom, Göran Andersson, Tomas Vesterli, Klas Malmström, Robert Maglica, Lars Thuring, Andreas Carlsson, Tomas Davidsson, Stefan Nilsson, Mattias Bergwall, Stefan Fiedler, Matts Dagerhäll. Der er stadig nogle få pladser tilbage :-) så hvis der er nogle der mangler at tilmelde sig, så er det en god ide at sende mig en mail. .... Tysken - er det dig Andreas H. ? du er også meget velkommen igen :-) I hovedturneringen er der nu: 11 svenskere, 10 danskere, 5 franskmænd, 3 nordmænd, 3 finner, 2 amerikanere, 2 tyskere, 1 irlænder, 1 englænder = 38 8 spillere deltager i friendly games og/ eller mini turneringer. venlig hilsen Michael H-L
  23. This is the ASO SSR for "Lagus Assault Guns" Finnish Elite/1st-Line MMC use PF as if they were Germans (C13.3) except as otherwise noted. Availability begins 7/44, and the PF range is always one hex. A unit making a Final PF Check dr = 2 has a PF and an opportunity to fire it. All non-date-dependent PF Check drm apply normally. The total number of PF shots taken in a scenario may not exceed 1½ times the number of squad-equivalents. Michael
  24. BTW we have a good number of players signed up already, and it seems like we will get above the 32 player mark this time. Still room for some more swedes :-) You don't need to be a black belt ASL player to attend. If you should loose one of the first 2 games Friday - there is always the option of playing in one of the two mini tournaments running Saturday and Sunday, with 2 rounds Saturday and 1 Sunday, a max of 8 players in each. One will have 3 Action Pack 10 scenarios and the other will have 3 scenarios from the main tournament. Merry Christmas Michael
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