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ASL Scandinavian Open 2022 - in the shadow of Covid-19

Michael H-L

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The 25th ASO is getting close

The dates are set; Wednesday the 2nd to Sunday the 6th, with the main tournament starting Friday, as usual. 

The Location is Danhostel Ishøj, like august 2021. The old location went bankrupt in late 2020, and is torn down. 

The scenario list is made public. You can find it at our homepage WWW.asl-so.dk or at Gamesquad.

So, we are ready ..... the great unknow factor is off course, the current surge in Covid-19.

We have done what Bo and I, together with Danhostel Ishøj, thinks is necessary; all participants have to be vaccinated att least twice or have the antibodies from recovering from recent Covid-19 virus. Dokumentation is needed. 

In Denmark, we currently have no limitation on the number of people that can attend events like ASO. 

We hope to se you at ASO next year.

Best regards, Merry Christmas and Happey New ASL Year

Bo and Michael


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Hej grabbar, skandal att vi låtit danskarna vara fler än oss på ASO under många år nu.

Vi behöver jobba oss tillbaka mot fornstora dagar. Behöver bli iallafall 2siffrigt med svenskar iår. 

Jag, Jens & Andreas planerar att åka. Vilka fler blir det?

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Looking forward to a long weekend of ASL in Copenhagen next week - we have 33 players pre-registered so far, 27 for the main tournament. And we have room for more, so if you feel the need for a fun weekend starting Friday next week....or with friendly gaming starting Wednesday, then don't hesitate to contact us 🙂

Jambo Jambo 


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1998-2021 (24 tournaments)

11 different winners

Sweden 8 Victories 

England 5 Victories

Denmark 4 Victories (jag deltog inte ett av åren)

France 3 Victories

Holland 2 Victories

USA 2 Victories (jag deltog inte något av åren)

Skulle vara kul om en Norrman vann i år, eller någon annan som aldrig vunnit.

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