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Scandinavian Open 2014

Bo Siemsen

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The preparations for the 2014 Edition of the Scandinavian Open are well under way. The date remain unchanged - February 21-23 2014.


We have decided to change venues for the 2014 Tournament. We have found an affordable youthhostel in the Copenhagen Area which can offer us an excellent playing area, affordable lodging and good service. The tournament format will remain the same as in past years. There will be 5 rounds and there will be a round with secret scenarios, ready to be published, from quality designers. It will most likely be the 3rd round in 2014 and not the 4th round like it was in 2013.


More details at our website:



The Scenario pack is in the works and we expect to release it December 1st.


Details with regards to registered players, scenarios, ABS etc. will be made available on our website leading up to the tournament. Updates will be announced in the Gamesquad forums in this thread:




You may of course contact us with any questions regarding the tournament.



Best Regards

/ASO Tournament Directors


Bo Siemsen (bo.siemsen@gmail.com) & Michael Hastrup-Leth (hastrupleth@gmail.com)

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Here is the scenario list for ASO 2014.


A couple off the scenarios will very likely get an ASO SSR tweaking the balance a bit. We will also post scenario clarifications on the ASO homepage.

If you have questions or concerns regarding some off the scenarios, please contact us.


If you are interested in attending ASO, send us an email at ; hastrupleth@gmail.com


1st round, early start Friday 10.00

SP 174 ”Krupki Station” G21/ R20

AP 62 ”Shouting into the Storm” G42/ R44

J 159 ”Tropic Lightning” J14/ A8

AP 11 ”Swamp Cats” G52/ R46

FB 9 ”The Shooting Gallery” G7/ R10


1st round, start Friday 13.30

SP 218 ”Városliget Park” 0/0

SP 227 ”Party Boys” 0/0

FrF 62 ”Dryga Lärpengar” F0/ R3

RPT 78 ”Bounty Hunters” J1/ Ch1

DB 107 ” Stossgruppe Schlicter” G1/ N2


2nd round, start Friday 19.00

SP 228 ”Booster Shot” G2/ Slo1

FrF 67 ”Collechio” G6/A6

FrF 66 ”Between the Devil and the Blue Sea” G4/ R6

FT 193 ”En Force” Ro1/ Rus 2

DB 108 ”Anchoring the Line” G0/ R1


3rd round, start Saturday 08.30

secret round


4rd round, start Saturday 16.00

FT 196 ”Spittelmarket” G7/ R4

J 154 ”Cradle to the Grave” G8/ A10

SP 226 ”Grave Decision” G6/ R2

FrF 65 ”War Ensemble” G6/ B5

FrF 64 ”No time to Bleed” G6/ R5


5th round, Sunday 08.00

J150 ”The Sangshak Redemption” J23/ B14

DB 52 ”Jungle Rats” J10/ B12

DB 104 ”The Police Station” J3/ C2

RPT 77 ”Go tell the Mountain” J1/ A1

RPT 80 ”Hot Boxing” J0/ Gh2


Have fun and roll low :-)



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At the moment we have 24 pre-registered players among them 8 from Sweden;


Mattias Rönblom, Mattias Bergwall, Andreas Carlsson, Tomas Davidsson, Stefan Nilsson, Lars-Robert Söderlund, Göran Andersson and Stefan Fiedler.


The new venue has been well received and we are looking very much forward to the tournament. We have included the option off starting early Friday 10.00 and playing a large scenario in the first round.


For more details check our homepage ; http://www.asl-so.dk



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