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ASL Scandinavian Open 2021

Michael H-L

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ASL Scandinavian Open 2020 was - as far as I know - the last international tournament before Covid-19 hit us all.


Now we hope that ASO 2021 will be able to be one of the first FtF international tournaments post Covid :-)


We have postponed the tournament to June, starting Friday the 11th to Sunday the 13th.

The situation in june is off course a bit uncertain, but we cross our fingers and hope for a speedy recovery with a lot of effective vaccinations the next 6 months. We start by planning a 3 day event, but we will be happy to open for friendly gaming one or two days earlier, if there are players willing to attend earlier.


We also have had to find a new tournament facility as Danhostel Amager closes for two years while a new city and a new Danhostel Amager are built in its place. Danhostel Ishøj have been chosen as a replacement in 2021, and maybe in 2022.


Travel by car to Ishøj is not much different, but it takes a bit longer by train from the airport - 40 min with one shift, and 15 min by cab.


Hope to see a lot of you from Sweden again


best regards, Merry Christmas happy new year and roll low :-)


Bo and Michael ph34r.png

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We hope that around 40 played will attend, which should be possible with the number of players contacting us the last days..... but at the moment 10 is the maximum number of allowed people in the same room, so things will have to change for the better. Getting the vaccinations started will hopefully get it done.



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