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Det är väl som så, att en vatten hex, typ pond, typ flod, inte går att beträda om själva centerdutten är ute i vatttnet …?? 
för det går väl inte att bypassa vatten ..?

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A4.3 BYPASS: Bypass enables unbroken Infantry to move through a building/woods hex without entering the obstacle in that hex (and consequently having to pay the two MF cost of actually entering a building or woods), whenever that obstacle does not physically touch the hexside being Bypassed.

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B21.1 A Water Obstacle is a body of water large enough to stop the normal 
movement of men and vehicles, which cannot enter without special assis-
tance. Any non-stream hex whose center dot is emplaced in a blue back-
ground is a Water Obstacle hex. There are four types of Water Obstacles—all 
of which have very similar characteristics.

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