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Inget Up Front


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From Brian Youse of MMP - reposted from ConSimWorld:


Recently, we were able to agree with Wizards of the Coast/Hasbro on extending a number of the licenses that we hold from them. Unfortunately, with the status of Up Front in the air, that license was not continued. WotC/Hasbro could not estimate when, if ever, they would be able to work through the legal issues surrounding ownership of that game that have prevented us from producing anything for the last five years. We regret that we will not be involved in the future of Up Front. We are very grateful to Andy Maly and Ken Smith for all the hard work that they put into Up Front for us. It was a pleasure working with them, although the results did not pan out. We are big fans of Up Front, and we hope it is able to thrive somewhere else.



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Analt tjafs om vem som äger spelet och om man får trycka upp det utan att bli stämd får man väl anta? Synd.

Bra spel, om jag hade tid och pengar i madrassen skulle jag bootlegga det och skriva regler som var mer utförliga (dvs ta i hand) sedan sälja det under ett nytt spelnamn och via en målvakt som står som ansvarig och endast sälja via pre-order + lite till, (ung. 300 ex) efteråt i personliga möten på ASL turneringar, korten skulle som förut ha ASL artwork till 90% (av Charlie Kibler), kanske om några år...
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