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ASL Scandinavian Open 2024

Michael H-L

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Once again 🙂

Scandinavian Open 2024 starts Wednesday 28th of February and ends Sunday the 3rd. 

The location is Danhostel ishøj, the same location as the last 3 years. It is located south of central Copenhagen, and is easy to get to by train from Copenagen airport, Central train station og by car. 

We have the option of casual and "hyggelig" gaming as a warm up Wednesday and Thursday before the 5 round Swiss style tournament starts Friday. 

There will be a first round option of; a long scenario starting 10.30 or a short scenario starting 13.00. 

We will also have the option of 1 or 2 mini tournaments Saturday and Sunday, for the players having lost one or two of the scenarios Friday.

The scenario list for the main tournament will be made public no later than the 1st of December.

The scenario list can be found on ASL Gamesquad, or on our homepage  www.asl-so.dk 

At the moment we have 22 players pre-registered players for the main tournament and 8 players participating in friendly gaming during the weekend. 

If you want to join the fun, contact me using; hastrupleth@gmail.com 

All the best from Denmark 


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Scenario list for Scandinavian Open 2024

Some of the scenarios will have an ASO balance, they will be added tomorrow.

The PBS (Pleva Balance System) will be added at the start of January.

Scenarios mostly new and some old ones 


1. round - early start

J241 "It's a Battlefield"

AP11 "Swamp Cats"

J202 " Down by the River"


1. round - late start

J207 "Unhorsed"

J237 "Commando's at Kaiapit"

SM8 "Without Thought of Numbers"


2. round

174 "Lagus Assault Guns"

J211 "Breakthrough in the Arctic"

J234 "Buckley's Chance"


3rd round

AP194 "Not Fade Away"

J212 "Shoulder to Shoulder"

J233 "Roff Riders"


4th round

J170 "Red Churchill's"

J208 "Panzer Pionere"

J245 "Factory Fodder"


5th round

J167 "Hart Attack"

J239 "Shoot or Shovel"

J244 "Bowden's Wood"


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