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SN som smoke dispenser


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Hittar inte QA’n på MMPs nya hemsida.

Frågar här istället:

En AFV ska lägga rök mha nahverteidigungswaffe och måste ju därmed vara BU.

Gäller därmed +1 på usage nr pga BU?

Vi spelade det som att +1 gäller ref reglerna nedan men var ej helt säkra (vem är väl det).




Index & glossary

Smoke Dispensers (sD, sM, sP, sN): D13, F.10 [using & ? Loss: A12.2]


D13.3 FIRING: When a player wishes his AFV to attempt smoke dispenser use, he makes a DR (Δ). If that Final DR is its Usage Number, it has fired and a smoke counter is placed as per the applicable rule (below) for the type of dispenser used. If the Final DR is > the Usage Number, it did not fire (and smoke was not placed), but the player is free to have this AFV attempt such use again in another Player Turn. A BU AFV must add a +1 DRM to its Smoke Dispenser Usage DR [EXC: sN firing HE in the CCPh; A11.622]


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