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RO1 Blood On The Tracks


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Vårt första Red October scenario, Scenariot har en ny VCs (officiell errata), ett tips, om ni tänker spela, ge då tysken 3st 10-3 leaders till at-start OB.


Om ni är intresserade av ett mer seriöst förslag, säg bara till , det är en mer omfattande lista av uppdateringar, som diskuterades och skrevs ned efteråt.


Hursomhelst, detta kan inte vara speltestat.


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All updates after playtest:


German boosts: Easier VCs for the Germans. The front is now less narrow, easier to breach into the defense line and the stone building in the rear (of the VCs area) can now be approached from more directions than before. No set up restrictions (delete SSR 2).

Deleted from the Russian OB, 9 squad-equivalents, HMG, two MMG, MOL-P. Radio replaced with a DC (a German leader can now be assigned with other duties). New SSR, an offb´d Observer directing the German OBA. Better 548 squads instead of 468.

Deleted SSR 3, the Russians are no longer allowed to HIP 3 squads and Fortify 4 Locations (or use tunnels), simple imagine that this stuff is in the Factory complex (outside the VCs area). LHR (that benefits the Germans) - Offboard Artillery, Booby Traps, Burning Barricades.


Russian Boosts: Increased the ELR to 3 for the few remaining Russian Factory Militia squads. Delete the 10 German dummies.

LHR (that benefits the Russians) - German Assault Engineers have a smoke exponent of 3 (not 5)..



The List with all updates:


Victory Conditions: The Germans win at game end if there are no Good Order Russian Squad (not equivalents) on/west-of hexrow K.


Board Configuration:

(Only hexes numbered _> 24 and <_ 35 in hexes on/west-of hexrow R are playable)


Delete the following from the Russian OB: 3x458, 3x228, 1xHMG, 2xMMG, 2x527, 2x426, 127 crew & MOL-P.


Delete from the Russian reinforcements (Factory Militia): "[ELR: 2]"


In the German OB replace the Radio with a DC and replace the 5x 4-6-8 squads with 5x 5-4-8 squads. Delete the 10 Dummy counters.



Add to SSR 1: Leaflet House Rules is in effect.


Delete SSR 2 (No set up restrictions).

Delete SSR 3 (Fortified buildings and HIP).


New SSR: The German player have a 100+mm OBA directed by an Offb`d Observer in hex A30 at level 3 (i.e., at level 2).

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Spelade med Patrik, Blood On The Tracks, innan spelningen gick vi igenom listan och la till två uppdateringar till som båda gynnar tysken.


- Delete SSR 2 (no setup restrictions).

- Replace the 5x 468 squads med 5x548 squads, mer historisk korrekt.


Spelningen gick till slutet, hände en massa tokigheter, sista Rally Phase ska jag som ryss bara slå < 10 för att ha mycket goda chanser att vinna , slår 12, Game Over.




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