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ASL Raaco 3rd edition


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Armor Leaders borde ha gjorts till en allmän informations bricka som används till alla nationer istället för att som nu ha 140+ Armor Leader 1/2 tums brickor i 13 olika färger , så hade det räckt med ca 16 Armor Leader brickor i en färg (tex svart).

Instämmer - dom kunde också ha varit vita - likt den där Inexperienced Crew brickan som kom i Budapest.

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Raaco sortiment updated with new/more counters released in the Manila module.

Japanese & Chinese

Boats, Boat-info-counters, Tetrahedron, Rice Paddies, Caves, Bunkers, etc (12x A75 - two empty & 4x A78).




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Updated Germany Raaco Box (13x A75 & 3x A78).

Compressed to make room for a new squad type 537 (HS 237) 2nd Line. The raaco Box should have no problem in the future to be compressed even further.



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American Raaco Box (13x A75 & 3x A78).

Raaco sortiment updated with new/more counters released in the Manila and Normandy modules.

Could easily be comprimized into a more dense counter sortiment, if needed.






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TEN RAACO BOXES: 112x A75 (3 empty), 46x A78, 3x deep inserts.

1. Information Counters (Line of Thread, Dice, Overlays), 7x A75, 7x A78, 2x small deep inserts & 1x large deep insert.

2. Germany 13x A75, 3x A78.

3. Russia 11x A75 & 3x A78 & Partisans 1x A75 & 1x A78.

4. United States of America 13x A75 & 3x A78.

5. Japan 4x A75 & 3x A78 & China 3x A75 & 1x A78 & Boat-info-counters, Tetrahedrons, Rice Paddies, Pillbox, Caves etc 3x A75. 2x A75 empty.

6. British Empire 8x A75 & 3x A78. & Allied Minors 3x A75 & 2x A78.

7. France 4x A75 & 2x A78, Free French 2x A75 & 2x A78. Vichy French 1x A75 & 1x A78, Dinant CG 4x A75.

8. Black Waffen-SS 9x A75 & 3x A78, Pz Div Lehr, Pz Div 13, Pz Div Feldherrnhalle, etc 4x A75.

9. Hungary 4x A75 & 4x A78, Finland 4x A75 & 2x A78, Sweden 1x A78, 1x A75 empty.

10. Italy/Eritrean 5x A75 & 1x A78, Axis Minors 5x A75 & 3x A78, Soldier of Negus 1x A75 & 1x A78.

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