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Fire On The Volga - Red Barricades CG III


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17th October, Saturday—German Assault, Moderate, no wind at start. Leaflet House Rules are used.

German at start OB: ELR: 4, SAN: 3

OBA Btln MTR 80+mm, two Pre-Reg Hexes & Offb'd Observer.

Rifle Coy, Two Sturm Coy (one purchased 9 CPP),

Two Pz IIIL pltn (one purchased 4 CPP), early STUKA (2 CPP).

Total German OB: 8 Leaders (one Ldr Crt), 6 Pz IIIL,

36 Sq-eq (24x 548 Elite, 12x 4671st Line),

15 SWs (3 MMG, 6 LMG, 1 ATR, 1 Lt MTR, 4 DC).

Russian at start OB: ELR: 3, SAN: 4

OBA Two Btln MTR 80+mm. 100 FPP - Fortifications.

Two Rifle Coy, Three SMG Coy (two purchased 6 CPP).

Total Russian OB: 7 Leaders, 2 AT 45LL Guns,

52 Sq-eq (2x 228 Crews, 24x 4471st, 27x 5271st),

10 SWs (2 MMG, 4 LMG, 2 ATR, 2 Lt MTR).

AFTERMATH (7 Game Turns): The Germans launched their first assault into the Red Barricades district, spearheaded by two Stoss truppen companies, followed in the attack by a Rifle company and supported by Stukas, six Panzer IIIL and artillery that bombed Russian strong points and placed a barrage along the Russian defense line at the railway embankments that was the area of main focus for the German Assault. The Russian quickly called in and started to blast the area of German troops with two artillery modules. After brutal up front fighting, the Russian defense collapsed in the railway area, due to the combined arms, but in particular due to good gunnery by the Panzer that rolled forward and scored several direct hits at point-blank range (40-80m) against the Russians and two Commissars were killed, one east and the other west of the railway.

German Casualties: 3 Ldr, 10 Sq-eq, 4 SWs.

Russian Casualties:  3 Ldr, 20 Sq-eq, 4 SWs.

German OB, end of 17th Oct (SAN: 3), 5 Ldr

26 Sq-Eq (17x 548 E, 2x 468 E, 6x 4671st, 1x 4472nd),

11 SWs (3 MMG, 2 LMG, ATR, Lt MTR, 4 DC), 6 Pz IIIL.

Russian OB, end of 17th Oct (SAN: 3), 4 Ldr

32 Sq-Eq (2x 228 Crews, 13x 4471st14.5x 5271st, 3.Conscripts),

6 SWs (MMG, LMG, 2 ATR, 2 Lt MTR), 2 AT 45LL Guns.








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18th October, Sunday—Dual Attack, Clear & Gusty, Moist, Heavy Wind.

German Reinforcements: Two Rifle Coy (14 CPP), PaK38 Battery (3 CPP).

Total German OB ELR: 4, SAN: 3    9 Leaders

51.Sq-Eq (3 Crews, 19 Elite, 31 1st/2nd Line), 3 PaK38 50mm.

21 SWs (5 MMG, 6 LMG, 3 ATR, 3 Lt MTR, 4 DC), 6 Pz IIIL.

Russian Reinforcements: OBA: Lt Arty 70+mm (1 CPP), Btln MTR 80+mm (1 CPP), Two Militia Coy (8 CPP), Rifle Coy (Reserve 4 CPP), AT Gun Battery (4 CPP).

Total Russian OB ELR: 3, SAN: 3    9 Leaders

76 Sq-Eq (6 Crews, 39.1st Line, 33.Conscripts), 6 AT Guns 45mm.

11 SWs (2 MMG, 3 LMG, 3 ATR, 3 Lt MTR).

AFTERMATH (6 Game Turns): Sunday morning, prayers in the morning among the Germans, thereafter x-tra ammo and handgrenades is distributed, then the signal to attack is given. The main aim is directed towards the factory halls, during the attack the defenders is mostly Militia factory workers and like ants the halls is packed with these fanatical amateurs. Two factory halls fall into Germans hand after vicious fighting. A planned attack south along the railway embankments are stopped and repelled by the Russian, especially the 80+mm Artillery blasting the German positions was helpful in the defense. In the Volga sector the Germans pushed forward and routed the defenders from their positions that were lost.

German Casualties: 0 Ldr, 11. Sq-eq, 7 SWs, 1 Gun.

Russian Casualties:  0 Ldr, 20.5 Sq-eq, 1 SW, 2Guns.

German OB, end of 18th Oct (SAN: 3), 9 Ldr

40 Sq-Eq (2 Crews, 15.5 Elite, 23.5 1st/2nd Line), 2 PaK38 50mm.

14 SWs (5 MMG, 4 LMG, 2 ATR, 1 Lt MTR, 2 DC), 6 Pz IIIL.

Russian OB, end of 18th Oct (SAN: 2), 9 Ldr

55.Sq-Eq (5 Crews, 1 Elite, 23.1st Line, 28.Conscripts),

10 SWs (2 MMG, 3 LMG, 2 ATR, 3 Lt MTR), 4 AT Guns (45mm).






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19th October, Monday—German Assault, Clear & Gusty, Moderate

AFTERMATH: Total destruction of the Russian forces, the Germans inflicted triple casualties compared to their own losses and penetrated deep into the factory complex. German victory achieved as the Russian commander ordered his troops to withdraw from the Barrikady.

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6 hours ago, carlsson said:

Snabbaste tyska vinsten hittills?

Nej, några veckor tidigare spelade vi kampanjen och då blev det även tysk seger efter första CG Day 17/10, mina Tyskar orsakade stora förluster och terrängvinster (blev ingen AAR). Nu har vi börjat om igen, jag spelar tysk för tredje gången men nu är det mera av med-/mot-gång.

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