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  1. Antar att det är jag som anges som Nygårds här. Tyvärr kan jag inte komma då jag har planer att åter lufta denna hembyggda RC messerschmitt 109 till helgen! (se attachment och ursäkta Off-topic ämnet, men jag tyckte forumet behövde en bild...). Happy gaming och slå lågt en tärning i taget, det är inget fel i det! Tips till dom som kommer norrifrån, inget att vara oroliga över; 08'orna brukar vara lätta att slå i ASL, lycka till! ;-)
  2. HAHA verkar ju som den avsomnade ASL DALARNA turneringen med div. turneringsregler undervägs... ;-) Grattis Peyre, kul med fler spelare som sällar sig till skaran av turneringsvinnare!
  3. JRKrejsa Ten Ton Tank SV1 Swedes, Soviets, North Finland, 1940. Don't dispair as the Russian player, you can take a pounding and stay in this one. The Swedes are in a good position, have OBA and 2 37mm ATGs, but are brittle, being outnumbered 3 to 1. I held on to win after losing a 37mm. Soviet board edge creep could not make it through the gauntlet of fire. Tight little scenario.
  4. Och bra scenarioval oxå! SÅ länge sedan jag spelade ngt ASL nu att man blir sugen att delta... (ASL - Forever a Newbie...)
  5. Fort SV13-Rather Uncoordinated (Steve Pleva) - Another scenario I had never played...looking at it I wanted to Russians as I thought a stacked to one side atack might be nigh impossible for the defenders to stop. We diced for sides (I hate that convention lol) and Steve won right there, IMHO. THe game started off well for me with the preset up tank failing a smoke grenade attempt and then taking a PSK to the face...burning tank...Steve also '12'd' his radio...nothing went right from then on. His '7' morale troops in +1, +0 terrain and even NAM'ing refused to be stopped, while the Swedes and Finns did not come to fight. My MTR ambush actually got an SU-76 in his sights and hit it 6 times, failing to kill, only shocking the glorified tractor...which promptly recoverd in the next rally phase...after that nothing went right...6FP troops unable to stop 7 morale 4 FP troops from closing into CC and then losing every single melee DR. One highlight was when I worked a stack of an 8-1, PSk and swedish squad all concealed into some woods to take a shot at his last scary tank...Steve needed a '4' from a 1+1, or a '5' from his tank aamg 2+1 to strip concealment...then a follow-up '5' TH ITT from th1 152 MA...The dice gods were kind to the Russkies, Steve hit with all three chances NMC, PTC, 4MC' and it was all over for the defenders. If the concealment had not been stripped, or the 152 TH DR missed then I would've needed a '9' TH the afv...if it was then killed, I would've beeen able to reinforce the hill with the stack.
  6. Mina spelningar (och motståndare) registrerade på ROAR. (support ROAR)
  7. SV12 Trap by Mishap custardpie SV12 Trap by Mishap as per recomended by Spencer. A great recomendation as well!!!!! This one was fairly close and could have gone my way with a little more luck but it was close enough and the opponent pleasent enough for it to be a very good game. I second Spencers recomendation for this scenario. A second playing I think could supply a Russian win as I think experiance at the scenario would make this one easier to win as the Russian. Spencer Armstrong Glad you liked it. I agree...the learning curve is steeper for the Russians. For such a small scenario, there's a lot of options and replay value. I do wish the balance was a little more real, in case it does turn out the Russians need it. Martin Mayers I absolutely loved it... Seriously though...Ian's a great chap to play despite me getting a bit of a run on dice custardpie So I would not have been such a great chap to play IF you did not get a run on the dice? Not that I think the run was that big a deal, after all I did throw 3 snakes though two of them was for pin tests. The 12 on the effects of the 152 was a bummer though. LOL Martin Mayers Nah....felt a bit embarrassed really mate...you talked about our record on your blog....I recall at least three PROPER dicings I've been beneficiary of and when the dice needed to sing for me on Thursday they did in droves....not often one fires LATW three times and takes three tanks out without a miss or three thrown in. But...good scenario.......very tough on Russians though I think we both agreed on Spencer Armstrong Then glad you both liked it. Any thoughts on what a good Russian balance would be? In my world, changing the SAN by 1 don't cut it. custardpie I think an extra turn would be to much, maybe just exit 1 tank and 3 squads? or Axis gets to HIP only one squad. Martin Mayers Just a thought Swedes come on in turn 2 ?? Probably then hitting the tree line just as the Russians are breaking through...or even working to shore up the bottom of the board to prevent the Russkies getting off. Entering turn 1 they had far too luxurious an approach to get in position I thought Spencer Armstrong I was thinking along the lines of dropping some HIP or thinning the initial Finns a bit. They can cover all the chokepoints pretty well as it is...half a squad down, that might be harder. rcornwell I managed to beat Aaron Cleavin with the Russians so it's clear that they don't need help! IIRC, the key event was a key German squad cowering and letting some Russian AFV's past. Then it came down to getting some squads across a 1FP firelane. Fun scenario. custardpie The Germans are errrrrr...... not there. It's Fin and Swede and the Fins don't cower time for a rematch
  8. Hojt! Tack för en inspirerande spelhelg med flera jämna spelningar och några DOG-scenarios. Riktigt kul att spela ASL igen. Ett varmt välkomnande ordnade hundarna som åt upp mina skor redan 10 min efter att jag mött upp i sthlm. 6 hela scenarios fick jag spela: WIN SP181 The Elefant Of Surprise ->VS Erik Leander Bra Scenario LOST FRF52 Dying For Danzig ->VS Melvin Falk DOG WIN OAF29 The Amy H ->VS Andreas Larsson Bra Scenario LOST RPT 49 Spring Cleaning ->VS Christoffer Peyre DOG LOST AP47 Insult To Injury ->VS Melvin Falk DOG LOST J119 Sovkhoz Haystacks ->VS Andreas Larsson DOG
  9. ASL 93 Tavronitis Bridge Ola Nygårds (British) Victory VS Conny Gesar (German) Defeat Vi slängde fram en klassiker, gliders och Annuals första scenario. Lagom stort (för oss) för en kväll och kul med lite flygplan. Conny tog in sina plan väldigt moderat och behövde bara slå en Landing DR. Mitt SSR AA assets gjorde ingenting. Efter landning blev det emellertid tufft för Conny att ta sig fram, mycket öppen yta. Men 10 squads säkert landade, började snart ta ut sin rätt. Jag hade satt upp enheter på båda sidor om den uttorkade floden, mest vikitgt var 8-1, 4-5-8 och LMG på LVL2 HEX O2. Från denna utkikspunkt sköt jag ett förödande skott DR 1(-1) till Hex V9 open ground och breakade en tysk SMC+468+LMG. Därefter ahde jag bryderier för att plocka denna i Failure to rout, via en CX 8-0 ledare, lyckades jag komma till hex W10 och sedan följa upp med en squad till hex U9. Tysken rensade hela östra sidan på 1 turn, men efter detta var det downhill för Conny. Kul scenario som verkligen rekommenderas. Som vanligt slog jag alldeles för lågt jämfört med Conny, DR 3,4,5 jämfört med DR's på 8,9,10 gör skillnad. Verkligen dags att göra färdigt det där tärningstornet innan min enda FTF slutar med ASL. Så, då har jag ett scenario i bagaget sedan SAT, känns bra inför Stavka turneringen! Det ska bli kul...
  10. custardpie Just finished up SV9 Mexico and Morocco from the Swedish Vol pack. That's the second one from the pack so far and looking forward to more after playing this one. Started fairly well for me as I breached the first line for the loss of only a half squad. I forced my way between the two groups and opened a route to the board edge and captured all the three trenches in Morocco. It all looked over but with the reinforcments the Swede looked to be able to take the trnch system back off me. In the end it was a close ran thing where I had enough captured trenches and exit points to get the win. Went down to the last turn advance phase so can't recomend it enough. For a detailed AAR click on the link to my new blog. Cheers Ian http://walladvantage.blogspot.com
  11. custardpie Playing Mexico & Morocco at the moment. Looked to have won as the Germans but the Swedish have come back into the fight so it looks to be a close ran thing
  12. Richard Weiley Played Mexico and Morocco from the Swedish Volunteer Pack . Diced Dave Longworth's Soviets - my Swedes shot straight and passed morale check effortlessly. However when they did break they had difficulty rallying and they weren't all that effective in CC either. Still I had this one comfortably in the bag until a well timed snakes by Dave in the penultimate CC phase eliminated two Swedish squads and gave him an outside chance of winning the game through controlling all the trenches. But my dice went hot and Dave's failed him entirely in the last turn and the Swedes held on to the strongpoints. Very happy to finally get a scenario from this pack on the table.
  13. CUSTARDPIE Played SV5 Lions and Tin Men from Swedish Vols. This is the second scenario from this pack and I have to say dispite my poor outing it wasa fun scenario. I stayed forward one turn to long and was punished. One of those deals if my attacks were low rolls it would have been a good move, especially as I just wanted to move back one hex but I did not and he did. More or less downhill (as in off a cliff) from there. Happy to try out this one again sometime though as I really did not do it justice. Ian
  14. Riktigt kul att det fortsatt är en del spel på SV-modulen. Med tanke på att det är en rätt 'obskyr' -pack med lite utbredning och begränsad WW2 action, så är det fascinerande att det fortfarande kommer in lite AAR's. Och nu ska SV 13 vara med som turneringsscenario i New York turnering Albany i Dec. Kul, kul och SV13 börjar bli ett riktigt turneringsscenario.
  15. hastrup SV13 "Rather Uncoordinated" Arnhem tournament AAR part two Round 4 vs Mattias Bergwall in SV13 "Rather Uncoordinated" This scenario, designed by Ola Nygårds, is a little gem. In this '44 scenario the defender have 5,5 Finnish 648 and 2,5 Swedish 548 squads, two leaders, 3 mg's and the cornerstone in the defense; two 81mm MTR's. They have to defend an ammunition depot (hex 42W2) and have equal or more unbroken squad equivalents than the Russian's, on 2nd level hill hexes on/ between W-CC board 2. The attacking Russians have 11 squads, eight 447's and three 458, four mg's, LMT, three leaders and a radio with contact to a 70mm Bn mtr battery. They also have a ISU 152 which is driving around somewhere behind the Finnish/ Swedish lines and a IS-2 setting up in one defined hex. The Axis receive a Stuka w bombs in turn 4 and the Russian two SU-76 in turn two. Most of the playing takes place on boards 2 and 42, but the Russian forces start on 5 and 52. Both of us had played the scenario before and prefered the Russians bidding R2, Mattias won the DR and I got the balance which reduced the Russian SAN to 2 and replaced the Finnish 9-0 for a 10-1. The two 81 MTR's was setup in 2; T6 and 42; OverlayZ2. From there they could take the hill top's under fire and also cower most of the woods hexes on 42. My Swedes started on the left side of the hill, in Z1, BB1 and CC1, while the Finnish force started on board 42. One 248 w PSK was able to setup HIP anywhere on the playing area, and often this one sets up in the rear of the Axis defense to engage the ISU 152 if it tries to engage the rearmost MTR. I thought that the IS-2 was too good a target to let it go and set up within two hexes of it. Mattias choose to setup most of his Russians on board 52, looking like he was on the way to the hills - but being able to shift his fokus of attack to the Depot which is only two hexes from board 2. The first move of the game is the IS-2, it doesn't get any smoke granade and my PSK gets a hit, but .. only manage to make a small scratch due to a dud. Mattias drives both heavy tanks over to the hill and the slowly moves his infantry towards the hill, they doesn't have to go very far, only 12 hexes in 6 turns. I pull my Swedes back on the hill and at this point regrets that I didn't setup some of the OB given foxholes in a backslope defense on the hill ex. AA6 and Z4. The following rounds are following the same pathern; when the Russians move onto the hill they get hammered by the MTR's killing and breaking a squad here and there. In turn 4 my Stuka takes out the ISU-152 with the bomb and the last 3 turns the IS-2 fires and Area fires on my precious 81 MTR in T6, if this one is broken, I would not be able to stop the Russian horde, but despite all the fireing it doesn't effect it. In the last turn Mattias are able to move 5 squads onto the hill, one 458 w 8-1 is pinned by the Stuka on the way towards the hill, and Mattias also attacks the depot with a lone 447. I have two 648 defending the depot, breaking the 447. So on my turn 6 I have 3 GO squads on the backslope of the hill, and a broken 648 together with the 10-1 in Y6(2). They rally on a DR of 6 and then my remaining 81 MTR from T6 gets a prep fire hit on a 447, despite the 70 mm OBA hindering the LOS... and they break. My 4 squads skulk and advance up the 2nd lvl hill to victory as we both have 4 unbroken SE up there. This was the most intense game of the weekend, I felt that Mattias was in front all the way and only my MTR in T6 kept me in. In retrospect I should have had these foxholes on the hill... and an early kill on the IS-2 would also have made it more easy. Mattias played a solid game, maybe he should have used his two 458, mmg's a bit more offensive instead of using them to cut off the 248, PSK. The two possible victory conditions makes this a very interesting scenario with a lot of replay value.
  16. Härligt, count me in! (Jag behöver en säng att slagga i, blir övernattning hela helgen...) Fredagen ska oxå gå bra.
  17. Hej Melvin! Finns det plats för mig? Jag funderar på att deltaga, det var himla kul förra året. Tror inte jag kan satsa på någon framstående spelinsats då jag inte spelat ett scenario sedan SAT STHLM i somras.... (men man vet aldrig) /ola
  18. ON TOP ASL


    Imponerande - har för mig att det spelats ett FRF scenario förut i ASLOK final... Bra!
  19. ON TOP ASL


    Vi får väl gratulera Mattias till den höga placeringen på ASLOK Official top 5: 1.Bob Bendis (7-0) [iL] 2.James Taylor (6-1) [MI] 3.Steve Pleva (6-0) [CT] 4.Mattias Ronnblom (5-1) [sweden] 5.George Tournemire (5-1) [France] STRONGT!!!!!!!!!!!!
  20. Efter att set följande bild på amerikanska forumet blev jag nyfiken, finns det en Dog/bricka som heter Ola? Det är ju i så fall upprörande komiskt Skall brickor följa med i nya FF?
  21. ON TOP ASL

    AP36 Take a bath

    Schwerpunkt (hedge-hog) försvar. Antagligen tänkte designer ingenting!? Den här typen av långt bak klumpa ihop försvar är bra (spelmässigt), men ack så tråkigt. Antagligen har designer, tänkt flertalet små strider utdraget över 2 spelbräden med en rafflande avslutning. Känner igen problemet med detta Hedge-Hog försvar (som iofs är väldigt bra) från mitt eget scenario J125 där jag hade tänkt lite utdragen strid (fördröjande) + en del sewer movement med motattacker inför finalen etc... Men så visar det sig att Martin och Mattias spelat med en "springa tillbaka med alla trupper till VC-building" hedge-hog defense och så blir det tråkigt. Har inte spelat ovanstående, men kan tänka mig att det är kul om striderna förläggs till hela spelplanen och inte inför sista turn. Detta drabbar oftast VC Exit-on-hex eller take VC-Building-X eller...?
  22. Och på baksidan stod det: "sorry, det var Klas!"
  23. Fränt, vad var storyn bakom denna hund-bricka, SSR, counter etc... ?
  24. Ja, eller Human Wave is NA. Så sant så sant...
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