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BoF 2-scenarion

Mattias Rönnblom

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Om MMP skulle göra en "Best of Friends 2", vilka scenarion tycker ni ska vara med? Något speciellt som "måste" vara med?


Det här är vad vi har att välja på:


FrF35 Skiing in Laponia
FrF36 Newborn Partisans
FrF37 Crossing Swords at Kyaukse
FrF38 Wunderwagen
FrF39 No Country for Old Men
FrF40 Sporck's Eleven
FrF41 Romania Mare
FrF42 Kiss of Fury
FrF43 Forest Devil
FrF44 Anhalt Pandemonium
FrF45 Totensonntag
FrF46 Dutch Courage
FrF47 Cutting a Hydra's Head
FrF48 Bad Moon Rising
FrF49 One Last Mighty Hew
FrF50 Pavlov's Dogs
FrF51 Bite of the Bassotto
FrF52 Dying for Danzig
FrF53 Raid into the Reich
FrF54 KNIL Before the Emperor
FrF55 Forsthaus Clash
FrF56 Saluting a General
FrF57 Warsaw in Flames
FrF58 Order 831
FrF59 Capital Punishment
FrF60 A War of Their Own
FrF61 Make Way for the King
FrF62 Dryga Lärpengar
FrF63 Maximum
FrF64 No Time to Bleed
FrF65 War Ensemble
FrF66 Between Devil and Deep Blue Sea
FrF67 Collecchio
FrF68 A Hasty Farewell
FrF69 To Ashes
FrF70 An Estonian Interlude
FrF71 Pulling Out
FrF72 The Mubo Decision
FrF73 Sledgehammers
FrF74 Out of their Element
FrF75 Goodbye Brother
FrF76 Pain in the Neck
FrF77 Ghostbusters
FrF78 No Glory in War
FrF79 Saving the Center
FrF80 Breaking Bad
FrF81 Across the Rio Grande
FrF82 Riders on the Storm
FrF83 Phantom Army
FrF84 Bazooka Town
FrF85 Junkers Junkyard
FrF86 Belgian Tigers
FrF87 Mormal Forest
FrF88 Panzer Shield
FrF89 Red Tears Shed on Grey
FrF90 Speed is the Essence of War
FrF91 Moonlight Drive
FrF92 Arms Race
FrF93 Wiener Walzer
FrF94 Death from Above
FrF95 Blood Red Snow
FrF96 The Flying Circus
FrF97 Wrecking the Rentals
FrF98 Amerikanskaya Suka
FrF99 Boy Soldiers
FrF100 Deutsch Lesson

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