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Special Ops premiere issue


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VotG18 In Sight of the Volga 14-09-1942 Central Stalingrad German Russian

S31 Going to New York! 10-07-1943 Station San Oliva, Sicily Italian American

S30 Ripples on the Pond 16-11-1944 Apweiler, Germany American German

SG1 Abrams' Charge 06-12-1944 Singling, France American German

SG2 Fitzgerald's Fire 06-12-1944 Singling, France German American

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Oops ! blandar ihop begreppen. Föregående post var scenarion ifrån Operations Special Issue #1.

Dessa är ifrån Special Ops 1.


O1 Go Big or Go Home 14-05-1940 Connage, France German French

O2 Breaking the Ishun Line 19-10-1941 Ishun, Ukraine German Russian

S37 Breaking the Panzers 01-07-1944 Rauray, France German British

S38 Raiders Along the Wall 22-09-1944 Schevenhuette, Germany German American




"Special Ops is the confusingly named successor to MMP's former house magazines Operations and Operations Special Issues"

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O1 Go Big or Go Home 14-05-1940 Connage, France German French


Ett av Herr Svärds designs om jag minns korrekt. Spelades nyligen i final(erna) i Albany-turneringen.


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