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  1. They were pretty good but they also got a few bounces along the way. -- jim
  2. The game was much closer than the score would have indicated. The good news is we get to do this all over again next year. Well played to your men. -- jim
  3. I know Jens follows hockey. I am not sure who else does. Good luck in the finals tomorrow (but not too good). I wish I knew the tournament was in Gothenberg. I would have come and we could have hung out. Hope everyone is doing well. -- jim
  4. Sparafucil3

    ASLOK 23

    I wish we Americans were less unfriendly at the border. I also wish the Swedish contingent were coming over in 2023. I need to know when you do come. I will do my best to get there so we can catch up. -- jim
  5. I try to keep my articles up to date as errata and Q&A are posted. Sadly, I am not infallible in this task either. I am glad this issue was resolved.
  6. By rule, 5/8" Dummies are removed as if Infantry. I don't think VTT is even a valid Target Type for them. Would be an interesting question for @Klas Malmström. I am not sure how I would handle it if an MG could fire TH/TK against a Dummy stack pretending to be an AFV. That is one of the positive aspects of the Q&A. It side-steps this issue. Doesn't mean I like it though
  7. I agree, and between friends, I would consider playing without it. But if we showed up to play a tournament, I would expect we would use the Q&A unless it was outlined in the tournament rules. JMO though.
  8. For what it is worth Melvin, this is a perfect example of a Q&A I happen to disagree with. I do believe an MG firing a TH/TK vs a concealed target is covered with the +2 Case K TH DRM and SHOULD be allowed to affect a concealed AFV. But I don't play it according to my beliefs because the Q&A exists. I am not trying to change your mind, this just provided me a chance to point out I don't always agree with the Q&A.
  9. This is the natural order of things. People play it how they think it should be played and then they get exposed to the "right way" and begin again. As I said, I played it this way because I am aware of the Q&A. I was made aware playing a game with Steve Pleva at ASLOk. He showed it to me. I have played it this way ever since. I don't believe Q&A or Errata are infallible. Far from it. But I do agree to be bound by them because it is the only way we have a reasonable chance to be playing the same game. I travel far and wide to play ASL with folks. Seems only fair to be trying to play the same game.
  10. I played it this way (2/4) in the past because I was aware of the Perry Sez.
  11. I think the Q&A is wrong. But we live with it
  12. A .50 is not a unit but I bet you would properly point out a unit manning an HMG can interdict out to 16 hexes.
  13. I submitted a Perry Sez on this. There is no Interdiction. You can find it in Klas' collection.
  14. I hope you all have fun. It was hard to choose between Supporting Fire and Bounding Fire, but I have never been to Bounding Fire and that means new people to meet. Perhaps next year. -- jim
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