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LHR - Red Barricades / Red October


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  • Red Barricades: The Barrikady CG III
  • Red Barricades: Operation Hubertus CG II
  • Red Barricades: Into The Factory CG I
  • Red October: X-Tag CG I

One-page document with the following: German & Russian Leader Tables. Armor Leader & Stuka Ace Table. German & Russian OBA Tables.

Infantry Company SW Charts. AFV Armaments Repair Table. Fortification Purchase & Removal Tables.

RB CG III Tables & Charts.pdf

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Leaflet House Rules

Red Barricades CG I  - Into The Factory

The CG I - Into The Factory is now added to the LHR and provides a shorter CG of the CG III - The Barrikady. Both CG starts off in the same manner.

The problem with the CG I was its VCs that have been replaced with new and better VCs, also shortened the CG with 2 CG days - 17-27 Oct (i.e., deleted 28-29 Oct) and as a consequence decreased the number of Infantry Reinforcements Groups available.

The VCs is derived after going over all stats and perimeter from all the CG III played in recent years.

A discovery made is that CG III is most fun the two first weeks.

Will start at least two new CG I - Into The Factory later this year. AAR will follow if time permits.

Never played CG I before, but its not really true, since the 100+ CG III played (vs 10+players), starts and continues in exactly the same manner, although the different VCs will determine the long term goal/planning.

Last note, if CG I  INTO THE FACTORY is about to come to a conclusion, and you both think that the CG should continue, then you simple shift over and continue to play CG III THE BARRIKADY.  


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