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LHR - Red Barricades / Red October


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Red Barricades CG III: The Barrikady

First week: 17-22 Oct, during most CG play, need only to use half the historical map.

2nd week: 23-31 Oct, use of the whole map is needed, perhaps longer/shorter period of time, it depends how the perimeter have been established.

3rd and 4th week: 1-15 Nov, use of 3/4 of the map is only needed most of the times, The 9 hexrows A-I map section is folded beneath the 9 hexrows J-K section. This 3/4 part of the map is also only used for Red Barricades CG II: Operation Hubertus (4th week).




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When playing Red October CGI: X-Tag, 23rd Oct, the very first CG Scenario (German Morning Assault). 

I recommend to fold 1/4 (i.e., 20cm of 80cm) of the east edge Volga- river-map-section, to make it easier for the Russian player to play at the start of the CG.

Otherwise, the man will need to stretch his arms over the map board during play and have a harder time to calculate LOS possibilities, less enjoyment for sure.

The 2nd CG Scenario (German Afternoon Assault) the map should be folded out, since the German perimeter should be on the outside of the exterior factory walls, perhaps even gained control of factory hexes, and close to the railway embankment (west/east of it).



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  • RB CG III: The Barrikady
  • RB CG II: Operation Hubertus
  • RO CG I: X-Tag

One-page document with the following: German & Russian Leader Tables. Armor Leader & Stuka Ace Table. German & Russian OBA Tables.

Infantry Company SW Charts. AFV Armaments Repair Table. Fortification Purchase & Removal Tables.

RB CG III Tables & Charts.pdf

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