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ASL16 No Better Spot To Die


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ASL 16 No Better Spot to Die - updated 2nd edition version from Yanks has an errata.


The scenario have been updated with the following


In the VCs, change "three building hexes" to ">= 4 building hexes".

Add 8-1, 7-4-7, M2 60mm Mortar, and 1S Foxhole to the American OB.


Errata, in SSR 1 delete "[EXC: Cliffs do not exists]"


The official uppdates have made a big error by deleting 10 Cliff hexside, while the orginal version only Cliff J2-J3 hexside is deleted for obvious reasons. If you play as written the attack approach for the Germans will be much easier than the original design.

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Updated the scenario for about 10 years ago with the following updates:


-Delete one German Lt MTR.

-New Board Configuration (only hexrows AA-GG on board 3 and A-P on board 24 are playable).

-Delete two Game Turns (to 7 from 9).

- Defined what type of wreck is at the bridge from start.

- vehicle crews may voluntarily abandon their AFV but cannot gain Control of building hexes.

- No AFV can gain Control of a building hex.

-Riders and Kindling are NA.

- Foxholes may not use HIP.


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Now the errata is officell.



Hopefully, next step the errata will also soon be officell for the Yanks scenario

- Defiance On Hill 30


Otherwise you will have to bring the errata up each time you play the scenario, regardless if you play with a stranger(tournament) or not (with friends).

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