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Greetings fellow aslrs. 

This is the first post of What i hope to be quite a few aiming to tell you some of our newbie mistakes, lessons learned, highs and lows and planning. 

The slightly novel approach is that this Aar starts with the third CG date. I will however give you a short recap of what has happened in the first two dates. 

I play as the good guys in green and my regular FtF play as the evil SS. It is the first time either of us plays this CG. 

Initial purchase: the 57s, sniper, 5 fortification points and inf for the rest. 

I would suspect that the first date was "normalish". The Germans came and where unbelievably strong and a bit to fast. We had missed that you could not be CX and cross barbed wires at the same time. This was found out about half way in the first date. Some sneaky hips managed to take out 2 panthers and 2 pz IV. Most at guns where forced to fire at half tracks, and quite a few of them died bravely adjacent to the at guns. Probably half a dozen. The only one which didnt blaze up was the one shot by the FT Sherman. We though that was hilarious. The at screen was methodically destroyed. At that time I realised that I hated AT mines and loved roadblocks. But then again you should probably put all your AT mines on roads. I tried to be sneaky and failed the ESP TC. I'm sure it's quite possible to be really smart with at mines and roadblocks. So block the roads! Hill defence crumbled, roua put up a good fight with the help of the 90L and quite a large percentage of at and if recourses it eventually fell after the 90L died. Stavelot was held with the help of the FT sherman and lack of substantial German resources. Mist was crazy and went up but mostly down to light! This stopped the extremely scary german push towards the ami entry area. I was very lucky with the reinforcing tanks and end roll. Jerry was lucky with tanks critting! One panthers first 3! Shots where snakes. This resulted in a Asl bucket list moment though. One critted Sherman only heard an extremely loud CLANG since the CH was a dud. Wow. It was later dispatched of the ultra elite Pz V with a roll of three.... The panthers front armour is extremely thick. 

Any which way the day ended with  a surprisingly even score. VL an even 26 each and I had killed one Cvp more then the Germans. however mine where inf and at his was tanks and half tracks. Oh and do NOT place your objectives or entrenchments in a way that helps the Germans. Remember that the germans are very very strong and you will be close to getting your behind kicked all the way to the edge of the map, if not over it. More on this later. 


19 pm. I had managed to save 2 at guns and 4 shermans. I figured that if I bought any at reinforcement they would have to be bought on board and that was too expensive. So jabos, 5 forts and three inf purchased. I then decided to defend the whole map figuring that would be the best chance to inflict losses. Loads of mines where placed, too many infact. Remember there is a maximum spend of 30 FFP of mines per date. Also there is a squad equivalence thingie regarding FFP spending that needs to be considered. Felt pretty good after set up. I wonder why? What's that rule about not splitting your forces when engaging a superior enemy. Let's just say the spread out defence didn't work. He defeated me in detail in all areas. And my bad plan and playing was rewarded with very good german play and stunning German luck and abysmal US luck. Also my leader rolls had been bad. My best leader rolled to this date was 8-1. Jerry had 2 10-2s and a large number of -1 as inf and armour leaders. I had also gacked 3 inf leader roll for no leader. My Troops broke and had no one to rally Them. Whine mode off. Suffice to say that when the game ended in US turn 6 (yeessss!) I had 10 sq eqs lefts in two locations. One stand in front of the ford and one clustered around my last vc location in ee3. Cvp losses us 95 a lot of prisoners, vs German 5 halfsquads and two -0 leaders. So 7. OUCH!!! I was very close to resigning, and I even did once. I have never in my 20 odd years of asl been so powerless. All that i saw was panther front armour and fanatic ss that laughed at my puny defence and rounded up stunning amounts of prisoners  The only actual damage I made was one immobed panther, and one cc killed CX 2line hs, both of these in the last turn. Mines, rally fate and a pinned German rolling 6 on PF check and failing to rout where the other losses. 

The last cc gave me a "German" vc In ee3. 


We had a long discussion after German turn 5. I was more than ready to give up. Us German inf losses are not even close to 2 to 1. But the time spent and the interesting situation made me accept that we would continue. I gave my self roughly 10% chance of winning and figured well at least it's a chance. 


So while planning the dual night attack scenario and not really liking the odds I suddenly stumbled upon the little footnote in p8.6232. If there are no us units on board the German cannot choose the attack chit. 

If I vacate I will have a little wriggle room to sneak my whole force on board without him being able to see me. Oh happy day!

Let me tell you that the honour system will be put under a lot of strain if I fail the secret dr to shift my units. 


Lyckades med slaget:)

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Hej igen,


Vi spelade lite i helgen och lyckades komma till slutet av Amerikanens 6 mph.

Valde att inte köpa bombardment utan köpte på mig så mycket inf som det bara gick.

4 inf platoons och 1 eng pltn. Sniper, Fortifications(daisy chains) och recon (2). Slog 3 på replenishment slaget!

Recade i stort sett alla viktiga hexes runt QQ22 samt NN18. Ungefär en förstärkt pluton ss UTAN lmgs med lite halftracks! GÖTT.

Sten sax påse fördel till mig eftersom tysken visade först.


Grundplan TA och rensa RR23/QQ22 för att förenkla inträdet AM 20.

TA Victory location i NN18 samt framryck mot sanatoriet därifrån

I övrigt bredda fronten med entrechments samt strategic locations.

CC så mycket så möjligt!


Smög in alla norr om vägen till Targanon. Lämnade lite folk i den dungen för att gräva entrenchements.

Tog mig över floden och klampade upp på OO13 massivet. Såg till så att ingen kunde straya in tyskarnas postitioner.

Det började regna vilket gjorde det lite extra jobbigt att klättra i berg!

Tog några stragetic locations uppe på berget. NVR studsade mellan 0 och 1. Mist gick ner till light.


Vid turn 6 var jag redo att gå till anfall. Spelet avbröts i slutet på Amerikanens 6 mph. Tysken lyckades med möda lysa upp hela fronten.

En hel del cloakade amerikaner ADJACENT till Final firade tyskar. Tyska vagnar har freedom of move samt en del inf.

Min eldkastare är pinnad bredvid en FF Halftrack med 658 i.


Natt gick rätt bra regelmässigt. Inga konstigheter.


Måste vänta i två veckor innan vi kan köra igen!!!!! ARRGGHHHHHH

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