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ASL Swedens officiella ASL-länkarkiv


Dela med dig av dina ASL-länkar i vårt länkarkiv genom att göra inlägg i denna tråd. Följ denna mall:


Sidans namn

Sidans syfte




ASL Sweden

ASL Sweden är en samlingsplats för nordiska ASL-spelare. Innehåller forum, nybörjarinfo. Endast på svenska!



När vi sedan har en diger samling gör vi en fast, fin sida med alla länkar på! :)

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The ASL Scenario Archive



"This site is dedicated to hosting data for every ASL scenario published. Have you ever played a scenario and wanted to quickly check what errata is available - or perhaps wanted to upload a scenario replay for others to see? Without community help though this site will be stale. Please do add content such as Action Replays (as VASL Log files, Word, PDF or text format), errata, reviews, playing data, etc.


To get started, find the scenario you're looking for using the quick search on the right. Once you're logged in you'll be able to rate, review and modify the scenarios listed.

This site isn't intended to replace the excellent ROAR service, which will always remain key to recording and tracking scenario balance. Consider a (pale imitation) of what BoardGameGeek is to boardgames, this site is to ASL Scenarios."



Hittade just denna högintressant sida som jag gillar bättre än ROAR. Bättre upplägg och mer info!

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