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  1. Scandinavian Open 2016 is closing in. This year we will have the option of two days of friendly gaming starting Wednesday the 24th at 10 AM. Besides this, the weekend will follow the usual rutine with a choice between an early 1st round Friday and the short round starting at 13.30. The tournament will have 5 rounds with 3 scenarios to choose. Saturday evening will have a secret round, with a choice between 3 previously published scenarios - or if both players agree - one new unpublished scenario. There will be players attending the long weekend, who only play friendly games, so if you enjoy ASL ,but not tournaments - this is the place to be, the last full weekend of February. The dates are ; Wednesday the 24th of February to Sunday the 28th Hope to see a lot you .. but please don't bring Zlatan ...he is so damn ,good that he might also win ASO :-) best regards Michael and Bo
  2. Hi Lars For me it was cool to get to play in the tournament ... we were an uneven number off players, so I had to volunteer :-) Played with; Martin Houmøller - dk, Mattias Bergwall -S, Paul Chamberland - USA, Michel Bongovianni - Fr, Timo Kärna - Fi, It is not often that it is possible to get to play with players from so may countries, and it was great fun. Could be you next year Lars :-) best regards Michael
  3. Følgende 15 svenske spillere er tilmeldt; Melvin Falk, Daniel Qvarfordt, Patrik Manlig, Mattias Rönblom, Göran Andersson, Tomas Vesterli, Klas Malmström, Robert Maglica, Lars Thuring, Andreas Carlsson, Tomas Davidsson, Stefan Nilsson, Mattias Bergwall, Stefan Fiedler, Matts Dagerhäll. Der er stadig nogle få pladser tilbage :-) så hvis der er nogle der mangler at tilmelde sig, så er det en god ide at sende mig en mail. .... Tysken - er det dig Andreas H. ? du er også meget velkommen igen :-) I hovedturneringen er der nu: 11 svenskere, 10 danskere, 5 franskmænd, 3 nordmænd, 3 finner, 2 amerikanere, 2 tyskere, 1 irlænder, 1 englænder = 38 8 spillere deltager i friendly games og/ eller mini turneringer. venlig hilsen Michael H-L
  4. This is the ASO SSR for "Lagus Assault Guns" Finnish Elite/1st-Line MMC use PF as if they were Germans (C13.3) except as otherwise noted. Availability begins 7/44, and the PF range is always one hex. A unit making a Final PF Check dr = 2 has a PF and an opportunity to fire it. All non-date-dependent PF Check drm apply normally. The total number of PF shots taken in a scenario may not exceed 1½ times the number of squad-equivalents. Michael
  5. BTW we have a good number of players signed up already, and it seems like we will get above the 32 player mark this time. Still room for some more swedes :-) You don't need to be a black belt ASL player to attend. If you should loose one of the first 2 games Friday - there is always the option of playing in one of the two mini tournaments running Saturday and Sunday, with 2 rounds Saturday and 1 Sunday, a max of 8 players in each. One will have 3 Action Pack 10 scenarios and the other will have 3 scenarios from the main tournament. Merry Christmas Michael
  6. In the Hakka Pälle scenario Lagus Assault Guns, there is, what looks like, an error in the Finnish setup description for the second group. On the scenario card it says; "Set up on/ north of 17W/32U" this should instead be; "......17W/32K" The Finns have PF's as SSR 2 indicates. The exact wording of the PF availability will be published here within a few days, just need to get it from Chas or Klas.
  7. The 17th ASL Scandinavian Open will be held - as usual - in Copenhagen. The dates are Friday the 20th to Sunday the 22nd, February. The venue is Danhostel Copenhagen, Amager which will allow players to sleep, eat and play at the tournament site. The location is near Copenhagen airport, and with easy acces to central Copenhagen. The tournament will be 5 rounds, with the option of a short or long scenario in first round. We will have 3 scenarios to choose from each round, a mix of mainly new scenarios with some older ones added in. There will be a secret round Saturday, but unlike the two last year, it will be 3 published scenarios. Three round mini tournaments will be held Saturday and Sunday. Scenario list will be made public the 1st off December. More information can be found at ; http://www.asl-so.dk Bo Siemsen and Michael Hastrup-Leth
  8. all in all we now have 29 pre-registered players, including Stephen Burleigh. This bring the Swedish Human Wave up to 9 players. Happy New ASL Year Michael
  9. At the moment we have 24 pre-registered players among them 8 from Sweden; Mattias Rönblom, Mattias Bergwall, Andreas Carlsson, Tomas Davidsson, Stefan Nilsson, Lars-Robert Söderlund, Göran Andersson and Stefan Fiedler. The new venue has been well received and we are looking very much forward to the tournament. We have included the option off starting early Friday 10.00 and playing a large scenario in the first round. For more details check our homepage ; http://www.asl-so.dk Michael
  10. Here is the scenario list for ASO 2014. A couple off the scenarios will very likely get an ASO SSR tweaking the balance a bit. We will also post scenario clarifications on the ASO homepage. If you have questions or concerns regarding some off the scenarios, please contact us. If you are interested in attending ASO, send us an email at ; hastrupleth@gmail.com 1st round, early start Friday 10.00 SP 174 ”Krupki Station” G21/ R20 AP 62 ”Shouting into the Storm” G42/ R44 J 159 ”Tropic Lightning” J14/ A8 AP 11 ”Swamp Cats” G52/ R46 FB 9 ”The Shooting Gallery” G7/ R10 1st round, start Friday 13.30 SP 218 ”Városliget Park” 0/0 SP 227 ”Party Boys” 0/0 FrF 62 ”Dryga Lärpengar” F0/ R3 RPT 78 ”Bounty Hunters” J1/ Ch1 DB 107 ” Stossgruppe Schlicter” G1/ N2 2nd round, start Friday 19.00 SP 228 ”Booster Shot” G2/ Slo1 FrF 67 ”Collechio” G6/A6 FrF 66 ”Between the Devil and the Blue Sea” G4/ R6 FT 193 ”En Force” Ro1/ Rus 2 DB 108 ”Anchoring the Line” G0/ R1 3rd round, start Saturday 08.30 secret round 4rd round, start Saturday 16.00 FT 196 ”Spittelmarket” G7/ R4 J 154 ”Cradle to the Grave” G8/ A10 SP 226 ”Grave Decision” G6/ R2 FrF 65 ”War Ensemble” G6/ B5 FrF 64 ”No time to Bleed” G6/ R5 5th round, Sunday 08.00 J150 ”The Sangshak Redemption” J23/ B14 DB 52 ”Jungle Rats” J10/ B12 DB 104 ”The Police Station” J3/ C2 RPT 77 ”Go tell the Mountain” J1/ A1 RPT 80 ”Hot Boxing” J0/ Gh2 Have fun and roll low :-) Michael
  11. Da det bare er en enkelt dags ASL, så er det jo primært henvendt til de skånske spillere. Håkan har efterfølgende fortalt mig om de svenske traditioner... men så har i fået muligheden :-) mvh Michael
  12. Lørdag den 22. juni vil vi gerne holde en ASL spille dag for alle interesserede . Der er ikke nogen speciel plan, udover at mødes så mange ASL spillere som muligt, og ikke mindst få spillet nogle spændende og gerne tætte spil. Det er helt op til jer om i har lyst til at spille et stort eller flere mindre spil.Vi starter kl 9 og derfor vil det passe meget godt med et 2. scenarie ved 16 tiden. Mht. spisning så er i velkommen til at tage en madpakke med, og hvis ikke - så ligger "det grønne køkken" eller andre lige i nærheden. Jeg vil meget gerne have en melding hvis i har tænkt jer at dukke op, jeg vil også meget gerne påtage mig at finde ud af hvem der spiller med hvem, men i er selvfølgelig meget velkomne til at lave aftaler selv. Da det ikke er et lukket arrangement, så er i velkomne til at sprede rygtet til dem jeg ikke har en mail adresse på. mvh. Michael Hastrup-Leth
  13. Andreas Larsson added to the Swedish ASO contingent. 49 players all in all. Potential players should be aware that you don't need to play in the main tournament all 5 rounds. You can play two rounds Friday and ( if you lose one or two of the) continue into one of the two mini tournaments Saturday ( 2 rounds) and Sunday (1 round). or you could play a friendly game Friday and jump into a mini tournament Saturday/ Sunday. Is Tom Påhlsson, Sebastian Kalucza, Rasmus Johansson, Johan Fröding and Jerry Adamsson still active ASL players ? best regards Michael
  14. 16 Swedish players registered for ASO, and 47 all in all. Melvin Falk, Martin Svärd, Mattias Rönblom, Christoffer Peyre, Andreas Carlsson, Mattias Bergwall, Erik Leander, Stefan Fiedler, Håkan Isaksson, Stefan Nilsson, Tomas Davidsson, Håkan Nilsson, Christopher hopper, Göran Anderson in the main tournament. Lars Thuring and Klas Malmström in Friendly gaming. We have lots of space though, so don't hesitate to show up :-) Best regards Michael
  15. Jeg har skrevet dig på til mad fredag og lørdag. Er det kun dig og Melvin ? Michael
  16. Christopher....kommer du alene ? Mvh Michael
  17. Hi Mattias....too late :-) here is the full scenario list for ASO 2013 1. round FrF 51 "Bite of the Bassotto" J 43 "3rd RTR in the Rain" RPT 25 "Cornwall's Rum Ration" FrF30 "Biderman's Escape" SP 150 "The Legrew Maneuver" 2. round; DB100 "The Gateway" * J151 "Messenger Boys" TX 1 "Beware the Hare" * ESG 91 "It's not over" * BFP95 "Obian Highway" * 3. round J155 "Margeret Mixer" BFP "Knife in the Flank" * AP 74 "Batty-P" SP 205 "Mius Mischief" AP 82 "Coriano" 4. round is secret 5. round DB 95 "Spare the Pagoda" * DB 99 "The Gin Drinkers Line" AP 65 "Baw Drop" * SP 213 "The Mighty have Fallen" J160 "Squeeze Play" ....................................... TX1 "Beware the Hare" ASO SSR; "in VC change 30 CVP to 36 CVP" SSR 4 add; These HIP units must be placed onboard concealed, at the start of German turn 5 ( If still HIP) SSR 2; The 9-1 leader will always receive the emplacement TEM if in an AA GUN hex. When stacked with a Gun, the 9-1 is considered part of the crew or infantry manning the GUN for TH purposes and is eliminated on a CH with the crew/infantry manning the GUN. RS will be used if a K/KIA result occurs on the crew or infantry manning the GUN. ESG 91 "It's not over"; Clarification, the French reinforcement group must be chosen before scenario start. ASO SSR; delete one 437 from French initial OB. DB 100 "The Gateway" Clarification; The Americans may not setup ON the perimeter hexes; Q4 - H8 - H13 - Q18. BFP 103 "Knife in the Flank"; ASO SSR; add an 8-0 to Russian OB BFP 95 "Obian Highway"; ASO SSR; The Dug-in T70 may setup HIP. If setup in open ground and the opposing player have LOS with a GO KEU, it is placed onboard unconcealed. It may never gain concealment and lose it as pr the concealment gain/loss table for Vehicles. DB 95 "Spare the Pagoda"; ASO SSR; Exchange 9-1 for 9-2 and two Japanese 447 start as striped 347's. AP 65 "Baw Drop"; ASO SSR; In British OB exchange one initial OB LMG for an MMG and exchange two 457 for two 458. best regards Michael
  18. Scenario selection is about to be finished within a week. 1st round will be a selection of older well balanced small ( off course :-) scenarios at the moment it is: FrF 51 "Bite of the Bassotto" J 43 "3rd RTR in the Rain" RPT 25 "Cornwall's Rum Ration" FrF30 "Biderman's Escape" SP 150 "The Legrew Maneuver" If you want to influence the selection, then post your options and I will have a look at them. I will make the final list Tuesday next week. best regards Michael
  19. Pre-registration for ASO is open now, just remember that we have a maximum of 64 players in the main tournament.....so don't hesitate :-) Scandinavian Open - an ASL Festival :-) all the best Michael
  20. Også rigtig mange tak fra os fire fra København - det var en rigtig god weekend, fint spille lokale, gode scenarier - nogle lidt store, men interessante. Meget afslappende ikke at kende scenarierne på forhånd. Håber at i arrangerer en lignende turnering næste år. venlig hilsen Michael H-L
  21. Our intention is that ASO should be a lot of fun and full of challenging scenarios- we are also planning to avoid any dog like scenarios :-) the 3 Designers - beginners as they are - are a bit nervous about this high and almost unreachable goal, but they have sworn an oath on the "Holy IIFT Table" to do their very best ! It will not be necessary to bring more ASL gear than you are used to, and we will take scenario length into consideration when choosing the Very-Very Secret scenarios. We haven't decided how we will do the scenario selection yet, but we might copy the way the Albany tournament do it. We will never return to Tøjhus museet, because the room has been converted to a storage room :-( see some of you in Borås tomorrow best regards Michael
  22. The plans for ASO '13 are .... We have made some changes for the coming ASO, I hope you will like them. A 5 round tournament, where rounds 1-2-3 and 5 will - in each round - have 5 scenarios to choose between. 4th round will be a secret round with 3 unpublished scenarios from Gary Fortenbarry, Pete Shilling and hopefully Peter Struijff, ABS will have 5 levels. We are planning to have an all weekend non-competitive, but a lot of fun, event running. And if you haven't got Friday off but would like to participate anyway, then you could join the mini's Saturday and Sunday. and The tournament site will remain the same as this year; Akademisk Studenterkursus, which is a school located 2 km from central Copenhagen. It is possible to sleep at the tournament site - no showers available, but a body wash is possible using the washbasin :-) Hotels are within 15 min's walking or 5 min's by cab. We hope to see you in Copenhagen 22-24th of February 2013. best regards Michael and Bo
  23. Hej Melvin Hunden Yankie Pride endte 6-4 i tysk favør - hvilket antyder at du har ret i at den er pro tysk - 75/25 er jeg dog ikke enig i. En mulighed er at have 5 scenarier i hver runde, som de eksempelvis gør i Albany. venlig hilsen Michael
  24. Tak til alle jer der trofast har støttet ASO igennem 15 år, ikke mindst dig Melvin, jeg tror at du og jeg er de eneste der har været med alle år. Jeg synes selv at lokalerne fungerede bedre end på Tøjhus museet, selv om Mattias har ret i at stemningen ikke er helt den samme. Som den ansvarlige valget scenarier, så vil jeg sige at jeg gør mit bedste for at vælge udfordrende, komplicerede og spændende scenarier. De skal også være nye, det har været vores signatur gennem alle år- på godt og ondt. Det betyder også at jeg indimellem vælger scenarier, der viser sig ikke at være helt balancede - nogen gange endda; hunde :-) .... Bo og jeg har snakket en del om hvordan vi kan gøre ASO til en endnu bedre oplevelse for jer der deltager. En mulighed er i højere grad at søge inspiration fra andre i forbindelse med at vælge scenarie. Jeg har eksempelvis haft svært ved at finde rigtig gode nye og KORTE scenarier til 1 runde eller komplekse scenarier uden køretøjer osv. Derfor har jeg tænkt mig at bede jer om scenarie forslag til næste ASO. Vi har også tænkt over, om det er muligt at finde en måde så spillere der slutter en runde tidligt - kan komme hurtigere igang med næste runde - så der er mindre spildtid. Vi vil gerne tiltrække flere spillere, blandt andet flere ikke Skandinavere, således at der vil være andre end ; the usual suspects, og meget gerne nogle der kan give udfordre Melvin :-) Vi ville ønske at det var muligt at opstille en dusch...hvis det overhovedet er muligt så gør vi det. Har i andre forslag, så kom endelig med dem. og så håber jeg at Bo og jeg - med hjælp og inspiration fra mange af jer - kan skabe en ASO 2013 som er for god til at blive væk fra. venlig hilsen og forhåbentlig på gensyn næste år. Michael
  25. Det er fordi jeg elsker kampvogne :-) hilsen Michael
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