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J120 "Ishun Tank Traps"

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Posted 14 April 2010 - 08:49 PM


as promised the short AAR for my J120 game with Robert M.

Russian: Robert
German: Andreas

Pre-games thoughts: looks like a cool scenario without too much extra rules creating a lot of atmosphere & tension, in other words creating a lot of enjoyable gaming without flipping too much through the "bible".

German setup: See enclosed file
Russian setup: Set up most of his forces in the field that is surrounded by the hedge

Tactics: I have to force the Russian to attack over the hills - only than I have a chance of giving him some steel without being close to him - this pesky 9-2 is nothing you want to be close at. Thus, I am setting up in an envelope giving up board 43 for free. Almost every German sits on a hill, except those covering my left flank in the woods.

Turn 1
Robert brings on the Russian horde in a HW - they cross board 43 too fast, but hey I had no troopers on board 43 - still, you need to pass the PMC & sit tight.
Not much from my side, however Robert applies board edge creeping coming up my left flank with his tanks, skillfully avoiding all tank trap hexes I placed here.

Turn 2
Robert turns towards my right flank - away from 43AA1 - closing in on the building in 18K3 - but he hides much in the woods. My HS fires in DF at long range and rolls 1,1 - no effect because of cowering. I also malf my LMG. :angry:
However, my sniper gets active and nails one of the SU76M.

Turn 3
One of Roberts SU152 lands a hit into the 467/LMG (malf) troopers that desperately try to repair their LMG - in vain, as a result of the hit, a flame is created in the woods where the troopers where hiding and they themselves are shot into eternity. In the later game the fire is spreading down the woods on my left flank.
My guards for the 18K3 building withdraw into the adjacent woods and stay put.

Turn 4
Roberts has discovered some of the tank trap hexes in 18C5 & 18E3 - two more tanks gone. :P
The Russians work their way forward and have shifted their attack almost completely to my right flank. A tricky LOS and some DR's later leave the 9-2 lead stack heavily decimated moving forward (458/LMG broken & another pin). During this turn the German 75 AT gun starts to fire at Infantry IFT 16 & ROF 2 - what else do you ask for. The Russian drive one SU-152 into the 18K3 building securing the building versus the adjacent 467/8-0 and by that supporting the Russian infantry that had occupied the building. Well, such fat target can the German tank hunting team not let go - 1st PF - MISS, 2nd PF HIT and a burning SU152, who eventually will set the building on fire. However, before that happens the tank hunting squad & leader enter the building in order to drive out the Russian in close combat - CR for the Russians who need to fill in with reinforcements. So far, 4 tanks gone. The other SU152 discovers a tank trap hex in 18L5, but the tank & its crew stop the tank in time saving it the fate of the other tanks that had fallen into the trap. Thus, this tank is in a favourable position to support the Russian assault on building L9.

Turn 5
The Russians swarm into the woods adjacent the SU152 preparing for the assault on the L9 building. The AT gun firing at these masses save the day by some incredible good shots. The Russians reinforce the melee in the 18K3 building. However during this turn the building catches fire and the melee ends by everybody routing out of the building. The Russian shots at the brokies and the 467 jumps up and goes berserk. Also, the AT gun proves itself to be also valid versus tanks and not only infantry, a hit into the turret of a KV85 bounces off, while the next one hits and destroys the tank, the crew bailing out.

Turn 6
The Russian assault the L9 building in a desperate rush - but the attack falters in the fire of the two MMG's and 467's.

At that point we call it game over and a German victory.

In retrospect, the PMC is most important, because playing the German you focus much on having few (one) AT gun on board. However, counting the PF allotment, close combat or the tank trap hexes your are more than prepared - if the Russian tanks come close ....


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Posted 15 April 2010 - 08:27 AM

Kul att det blev en bra spelning och kul med en tysk vinst.
Alltid bra att ha plus-statistik på Robert. :D

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Posted 15 April 2010 - 08:33 AM

Men Robert, varför åkte du så nära tysken med dina tanks...? :P

Tack för en fin AAR! :)

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