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ASL Scandinavian Open 2020

Michael H-L

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The 23rd Scandinavian Open will take place - as usual - in Danhostel Amager, Copenhagen


Wednesday 26th of February to Sunday 1st of March.


Wednesday and Thursday are for relaxed gaming, with an optional Winter Offensive mini Thursday.


The main tournament opens Friday 10.00 or 13.30 and have 5 rounds ending Sunday 14.00


3 round mini tournaments are running Saturday (2 rounds) and Sunday (final round)


We have 47 pre-registrated players (10 swedes) 39 in the main tournament, the rest playing friendly games or participating in mini tournaments.


But we have room for more ! so if you want to participate in Europes largest ASL event - you will be welcome :-)


best regards


Bo and Michael



The scenarios for the main tournament are:

Som of the scenarios have ASO balances, available at our homepage ; www.asl-so.dk



ROUND 1 (early start)

J152 “Messenger Boys” (G41/B34)
J1 “Urban Gurillas” (G147/ R187)
RPT “Meet me at the station” (G7/R9)

ROUND 1 (late start)
AP 141 “Currie’s Favor” (G2/ B6)
A70 “Wintergewitter” (G158/R127)
ASL Scenario 23 “Under the Noel Trees” (G209/A204)

AP138 “Red Horse Recon” (G1/ A2)
FrF23 “Elephants Unleashed” (G57/R57)
HS30 “The Good Shepherd” (G33/C21)

AP142 “The Closer” (G2/ B0)
BFP22 Speed over Caution (G39/A34)
FrF 97 Wrecking the Rentals” (G8/R7)

Secret round

AP 34 “Bocage Blockage” (G51/A41)
FrF 58 “Order 831” (G43/R33)
SP 123 “The Badgers breath” (G45/C57)


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