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Scandinavian Open 2016 Information (Extended Tournament)

Bo Siemsen

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The preparations for the 2016 Edition of the Scandinavian Open are well under way. Inspired by discussions in the Gamesquad forum and talks with regular attendees we have decided to expand the event by 2 optional extra days.

The dates for the tournament will be February 24-28 2016. Wedneday-Thursday, February 24-25 will be Friendly Gaming only. Friday-Sunday, February 26-28 we will have our classic format ASO Tournament with a 5 round main tournament combined with minitournaments saturday/sunday.

The friendly gaming Wednesday/Thursday will take place at the same venue as the main tournament, so you can see it as a chance to warm up for the main tournament or just a chance to play some new opponents in a friendly atmosphere. The tournament organisers will help arrange pairings if needed for the friendly gaming - but you can of course also make arrangements yourself. Either way we will guarantee you can get at least two games per day.

We have been able to negotiate a very good price with our Tournament Venue for the two extra days:

Wednesday through Sunday (Full monty) - 275 Euros

Friday through Sunday (Main ASO Tournament) - 190 Euros

These price covers the Tournament fee, linnen and towels (10 Euros) as well as breakfast, lunch and dinners for the duration of your stay. In addition you will have to pay for a room to sleep in. The cost of that depends on how many you are willing to share a room with (rooms include shower and bathroom).

1-person room, Approximately 55 Euros per night per person

2-person room, Approximately 33 Euros per night per person

3-person room, Approximately 29 Euros per night per person

4-person room, Approximately 26 Euros per night per person

5-person room, Approximately 23 Euros per night per person

Updates with regards to registered players, scenarios, ABS etc. will be made available on our website leading up to the tournament. Updates will be announced in the Gamesquad forums in this thread.

See you in February

Bo Siemsen & Michael Hastrup-Leth

More details at our website:

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