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Scandinavian Open 2023

Michael H-L

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Hey ASL Sweden

The dates for Scandinavian Open 2023 is Wednesday 1st of March to Sunday the 5th. 

The location is Danhostel ishøj, the same location as the previous two years. 

We have 10 players attending friendly and "hyggelig" gaming Wednesday with 6 more joining the fun Thursday, before the 5 round Swiss style tournament starts Friday.  There will be an option of a short or long scenario in the first round, starting either 10.00 or 13.00. We will also have the option of 1 or 2 mini tournaments Saturday and Sunday, for the players having lost one or two of the scenarios Friday.

If some of you would like to play against someone you haven't played before, and would like to attend Scandinavian Open but without playing in the 5 round tournament, then let me know. If enough players are interested; 6 players + then they could have a fun and non competetive weekend playing ASL. 

The scenario list for the main tournament is a mix of older scenarios and newly published ones including a couple from Manila and the third HazMo pack. 

The scenario list can be found on ASL Gamesquad, under Tournament info. 

At the moment we have 6 Swedes pre-registrated, 6 from Norway, 8 from Denmark, 6 from around Europe and 3 from America 

If you want to join the fun, then send me an email using; hastrupleth@gmail.com 

Happy New ASL year to you all 


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Less than 2 months to Scandinavian Open 2023 - at the moment we have 45 players pre-registered. If you want to join us - then don't hesitate 

33 players for the main tournament;
Kirby Vincent Finland (US)
Hans Bugge, Ketil Høgenhaug, Oddgir Drevdal, Øyvind Bjørkås, Olav Heie, Thomas Harjo, Arnaud Sanchis and Bjørnar Arstad from Norway
Mike Mcgrath, Brian Wiersma USA
Enrico Catarzaro Italy
Olivier Dietsch France
Jonathan Kay Canada
Michal Sedlacko Slovakia
Ran Shiloah, Josh Kalman Israel
Juan Santacruz Spain
Pieter Bas De Qvant, Bas Van Der Berg Holland
Magnus Rimvall, Stefan Fiedler, Andreas Carlsson, Mattias Bergwall, Jens Thomander, Svante Carlsson, Asad Rustum and Lars Thuring from Sweden
Kåre Jacobsen, Derek Ward, Martin Houmøller, Jesper Led, Niels Larsen; Denmark

We have 10 "Danish" players attending friendly gaming; Niels Ludvigsen, Grant Bruce Hewitt, Lars-Peder Jensen, Peter Lassen, Thomas Barndorph, Torsten Cumberland, David Muir, Peter Aggerholm, Thomas Damgaard and Søren Sørensen - part of these players are only attending 2 games Saturday.

Bo Siensen and I will fill in the gaps



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