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Found 3 results

  1. Vi började nyligen att spela Red Barricades CG II Operation Hubertus som vi aldrig spelat förut, vi beslöt att använda alla Leaflet House Rules som vi använder till CG III The Barrikady. Bilder från dagens första strid
  2. Operation Hubertus (with Leaflet House Rules), The final push to fulfill the German goal to eliminate the Russians last position at the Volga river. Day One 11/11, Clear, Wet, No Wind at start. German OB: SAN: 3, ELR: 4, 18 Leaders. 3x Pz IIIL, 2xGrW 34, 3x 75mm INF Guns, 1x 150mm INF Gun. 69 Sq-eq (16x838, 24x548, 24x467, 10x228). 40 SWs (2xHMG, 6xMMG, 12xLMG, 2xATR, 2xLt MTR, 6xFT, 10xDC). 2x Rifle Coy, 2x Sturm Coy, 2x Pionier Coy. 1x Heavy Weapon Pltn, 1x Pz IIIL Pltn, 1x Inf Gun battery. ........................................................................ Russian OB: SAN: 4, ELR: 3, 12 Leaders, Commissar House - Fanatic Nest. 2x Btln MTR 80+mm, with one Pre-Reg Hex and an Off b'd Observer (each). 2x AT 45mm, 2x ART 76mm, 2x MTR 82mm. 80 Sq-eq (18x628, 48x447, 9x527, 10x228). 26 SWs (1xHMG50cal, 1xHMG, 6xMMG, 8xLMG, 4xATR, 4xLt MTR, 2xDC). 4x Rifle Coy, 1x SMG Coy, 2x Gds SMG Coy. 1x Heavy Weapon Pltn, 2x Btln MTR OBA. ................................................................... German Casualities: 3 Ldr, 20.5 Sq-eq, 5 SWs. Russian Casualties: 4 Ldr, 32 Sq-eq, 10 SWs, 1 Gun. 7 Turns long.
  3. RED OCTOBER CG I X-TAG (23-29 October) Martinovski Leaflet House Rules see link: http://forum.aslswed...?showtopic=3743 23rd October, Friday Morning - German Assault (1st phase), Clear, Moderate, no wind at start. German at start OB: ELR: 4, SAN: 3 OBA 100+mm with two Pre-Reg Hex & Offb'd Observer, OBA 100+mmm & Spotter Plane (5 CPP), Assault Engineers Coy, Two Rifle Coy, Three Sturm Coy (one Coy purchased 9 CPP), StuG IIIB pltn, StuG IIIG pltn, Pz IIIH pltn (3 CPP), STUKA (1 CPP). Total German OB: 9 AFVs (3 StuG IIIB, 3 StuG IIIG, 3 Pz IIIH). 17 Leaders, 68 Sq-Eq (8x 838 AE, 36x 548 E, 24x 467 1st Line), 33 SWs (5 MMG, 12 LMG, 2 Lt MTR, 2 ATR, 3 FT, 9 DC) Russian at start OB: ELR: 3, SAN: 4 6 WIRE, 4x 6 A-P Minefields, HIP 6 squads, 27x ?. 4 Guns & 4 Crews. 2 Gds Rifle Coy, Gds SMG Coy, Militia Coy (start as Broken Units in factories), Hvy Weapon Pltn, 2 Rifle Coy-Reserve (8 CPP), 2 OBA Btln MTR 80+mm (2 CPP), Total Russian OB: 6 Guns (2 INF 76mm, 2 AT 45mm, 2 MTR 82mm), 10 Leaders (2 Ldr creation), 77 Sq-Eq (24x 458 E, 9x 628 E, 10x 228 Crews, 24x 447 1st Line, 15x 426 C). 31 SWs (2 HMG, 6 MMG, 10 LMG, 6 Lt MTR, 6 ATR, 1 DC), AFTERMATH (7 Game Turns): Bigly surprise attack, unleashed by the Wehrmacht in the early morning, the assault is relentless and supported by two German 100mm artillery modules that pound the Russians. The Russian defense is pushed backed and is unable to hold their South flank that is ripped up and the German attack sweep out the Russians from three factories and also gets footholds in two other factories before the morning assault is halted at lunch time. Resting and planning for the second phase of the battle that will be launched in the afternoon, in the meantime both sides bring in reinforcements German Casualties: 8 Ldr, 24 Sq-Eq, 2 SWs, 3 AFVs (two Recalled). Russian Casualties: 3 Ldr, 40 Sq-Eq, 15 SWs, 2 Guns. German OB, after 23rd Oct Friday Morning Assault. 9 Ldr, 44 Sq-Eq (7 AE, 23.5 Elite, 13.5 1st/2nd Line), 31 SWs (5 MMG, 12 LMG, 2 Lt MTR, 2 ATR, 8 DC, 2 FT), 6 AFVs: (2 StuG IIIB, 1 StuG IIIG, 3 Pz IIIH). Russian OB, after 23rd Oct Friday Morning Assault. 7 Ldr, 37 Sq-Eq (12.5 Elite, 8 Crews, 8.5 1st Line, 12 Conscripts), 16 SWs (2 HMG, 4 LMG, 5 Lt MTR, 4 ATR, 1 DC), 4 Guns (1 INF 76mm, 1 MTR 82mm, 2 AT 45mm).
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