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Found 1 result

  1. The new updated version of the scenario ASL 11 - Defiance On Hill 30 (Yanks 2) Updates: Replace the American 8-0 Ldr with an 8-1. Add an American 3-3-7 HS to the initial force. The Reinfocements enter either on Turn 4 or 5. Buildings that are Rubbled now may make it impossible for either side to win (MMP do not know what they are doing or perhaps they do and the rules in the Victory Condition section will be updated ). The scenario balance in my experience: Original version balanced in the long run but shifting in a regular short term playing of the scenario, U.S Reinforcements enter on Turn 4 dr 1-2 (A60-G40), Turn 5 dr 1-3 (A50-G50), or on Turn 6 (A35-G65). New Yanks 2 version pro-American, U.S Reinforcements enter on either Turn 4-even dr (A70-G30), Turn 5-odd dr (A60-G40), enter on Turn 6 Not possible anymore. Six years ago in 2013 before the release of Yanks 2, the scenario was updated into a more fast played and no random long-term-play-balance-distrubution, than the original or updated scenario suffers from. ASL11 DEFIANCE ON HILL 30 Americans vs Germans __(updated Stavka version: Delete two Game Turns; American reinforcements enter on turn 4; delete SSR 3; delete two BAZ from the American reinforcements; Foxholes may not use HIP; Bore Sighting and Kindling are NA).
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