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Found 1 result

  1. This old classic have not been played for many years and is very good. We played with the latest version of LHR http://forum.aslsweden.com//index.php?showtopic=3510 Replaced the German Radio with an offb'd Observer and that Russians are Fanatic in Factories. The battle was dramatic and very bloody, one of the deciding factors in our playing was the two Artillery modules. German OBA pulled chits: 1-Red, 2-Black, 3-Red, 4-Red, 5-Black, 6-Black. Russian OBA pulled chits: 1-Red, then 5-Black chits pulled in a row. Some highlights Turn 1, my Dug-In T-34 was discover and knocked out in CC, had hopes it would surprise and stall the Germans in the area a bit longer. Turn 2, a German Berserk charged into a building and is killed, then another German Berserker charge forward and is gunned down. Turn 3 and 4 My reinforcements arrive and 5-6 squads are killed by Stuka dive-bombers. Turn 4, the German Pz pltn rolled forward, and two of three Pz IV are knocked out by Russian OBA, and despite that both had protection of Walls. Played a couple more turns until Turn 7 of 8 , but it became clear that luck had killed the German chances today, a clear Russian Victory, the Germans gained Control of 12 Stone Locations (need 20 to win).
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