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  1. We really miss you Scandinavian sons of bitches at ASLOK and hope more of you will make the trip. Mattias is okay and all but we like variety.
  2. pitman

    ASLOK 2007

    Just a quick note to thank all of the Scandinavian ASLers who made the trek to ASLOK this year--Robert, Klas, Lars, and Mattias. It is always great when any of you can grace us with your presence. I also had the pleasure of playing Mattias for the first time, in a very fun playing of Kravchenko's Sixth Guards Tank Army. For those of you who did not come this year, we did miss you, and hope you will come back soon. ASLOK is always more fun when you are there, plus we never run out of matches.
  3. I think my ability is limited to what I have learned from the "Swedish Chef." However, there is a Swedish to English internet translator which is helpful to me. We both got our scenario title from the same historical source, independently of each other. Of course, when I designed "The Valley of Death," back in late 2004 or early 2005, FRF was not yet published. Had "Valley of Death" already been published at the time, I probably would not have designed my scenario in the first place, but chosen some other action instead (although our two scenarios are very different in nature and offer different playing experiences). FRF knew about my scenario (they downloaded an early playtest kit of it) but if I remember correctly, never told me that FRF had a scenario in the works with the same name. By the time FRF actually came out, I had been using my scenario title for quite a while already and liked it a lot. So I thought about it, and in the end decided to keep it. I didn't think it would cause any confusion; there are already scenarios out there that duplicate titles; with nearly 4000 scenarios it is inevitable from time to time. Obviously, I have been a big booster of FRF since the release of the first one, and recommended it many times to people, so there was never any attempt at disrespect, etc. best, Mark
  4. I think the precise term you used was "idiotiskt," correct? Why do you have a problem with it? best, Mark
  5. Now, wait a second! You are saying that designers should not use Scenario Special Rules to create Special Rules for the scenario? Am I the only person who think that sounds a little bit wrong? No partisans in Urban Guerrillas? No Hitler Youth in the sewers in Acts of Defiance? No burning buildings in Shanghai in Flames? I think a little chocolate fudge for our vanilla ice cream every now and then is a nice thing.
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