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Found 1 result

  1. To expand a little bit more on what was posted on Consimworld by Peter Bartlett - Nov 28, 2023 4:58 pm (#124412 Total: 124509) Twilight of the Reich (TotR) primarily features actions at the end of WWII in Germany and adds several SS MMC types and some terrain rules (including Rail Cars) to the ASL Core Rules set. • 4 double-sided 11" x 16" ASL maps Major urban terrain Major factory terrain Large city park area in the middle of urban terrain Transition from light urban to heavier urban • 2 countersheets Counter Sheet #1 Complete SS OoB (8-3-8 AE; 8-3-8; 6-5-8; 5-4-8; 4-6-8; 4-4-7) [along with Chapter A "Late War SS" Unit Replacement rules similar to those used in the Festung Budapest HASL] Complete set of 5-3-7/2-3-7 Volksgrenadier counters [along with Chapter A rules] Counter Sheet #2 Assortment of 1/2" counters, including: US, Russian, British Assault Engineers Squads/HSs NKVD 6-2-8/3-2-8 Factory information counters Expanded Axis Minor SWs Info & Control markers to support the 3-player scenario Various leader counters including 8+1 Russian Commissars Assortment of 5/8" counters, including: Debris counters Rail Car counters Assorted AFV & Ordnance counters By adding the above counters AND their associated Chapter A & B rules, these various units/elements are now a part of the core ASL system, so future designers can write much more simplified SSRs (e.g., no more long winded SS 4-4-7 SSRs) • 17 scenarios, mostly large, urban combat The majority (15 of the 17) scenarios cover late war actions in: Berlin, 1945 (3) [including a new 3-player scenario] Budapest, 1945 (Pest side of town) (7) Heilbronn, 1945 (2) Prague, 1945 (1) Nijmegen, 1944 (1) Southern Hungary, 1945 (1) Tom Morin also contributed two new early war scenarios involving the Soviet NKVD using the new TotR NKVD counters Leningrad area, 1941 Stalingrad, 1942 Nationalities used in the module: American British Russian Bulgarian Romanian Czech Partisan V.S. KONR forces German Hungarian As an FYI, the 3-player Berlin scenario features two "opposing" Russian forces bent on being the first to capture the Anhalter Bahnhof (Railway Station). One of the Russian forces is modelled using the red-striped Chinese from the Forgotten War module. So, if you are Jonesing to see some Russian-on-Chinese Russian-on-German action, this is the place. If not, well, there's some Hetzer-on-Hetzer action in a later scenario. The scenarios are built around the philosophy of increased uncertainty on the part of the attacker, as the defender may record possessed SWs and stacked leaders, so reduced "tells" on defender strongpoints. Additionally, all scenarios allow for both the attackers and defenders to secretly purchase some combination of SWs/larger caliber Mortars/Fortifications to enhance their OoBs. As we did with the Festung Budapest module, the majority of the scenarios are combined arms on both sides, with a mix of, small, medium, and somewhat meatier scenario offerings. • 49 overlays 11 new building overlays including 4 large Factory complexes 2 Large graveyards 12 Large Rail Yard complexes, all with printed Rail Cars 18 Railroad overlays varying in length from 1-11 hexes, all with printed Rail Cars 6 Railroad overlays of varying lengths The majority of the RR/Rail Yard overlays are two-and-three tracked. • Replacement rules pages for Chapters A & B with the added rules. Chapter A German Late War SS MMC/HS German Volksgrenadier MMC/HS Russian NKVD w/8+1 Commissars Chapter B Debris Rail Cars Printed Counters Large, variable height Rowhouses The module also includes an overall SSR for Rubble Generation with Falling Debris creation via a modified Falling Rubble DR process. The module also includes: An SSR summary page 3 "Off-board" OBA displays [Note: none of the scenarios use the standard Chapter C OBA process; there is a simplified process to represent OBA in two of the scenarios] The whole module comes boxed with a great cover done by artist Steve Noon. So, hopefully for some of you, this module will meet some of your interests. For designers out there, the hope is that this new set of map/overlays/counter tools will enhance your design portfolio. Finally, I would like to publicly than the 94 individuals that devoted their valuable gaming time to help playtest this module! All the best! Bill
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