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Swedish Volunteers 2nd Edition

In all original SV-scenarios the text size is better and the lay-out of SSR is also better with a crispier layout, while MMP use smaller text size and fed us with absurd cramped-packed SSRs, despite the abundance of place available on almost all the A4 cards. 

The Photo quality on the Action Pack scenarios is bad, compared to the original scenario pictures.

All my special written SSRs/VCs and Set up/Entry text have been kept in MMP AP version but the MMP bus drivers stripped away my title: Design Consultant :D

Note: In scenario SV12 Trap My Mishap, SV13 Rather Uncoordinated, SV14 Day at Night, the Finnish/Swedish MMC can fire Panzerfaust at a two hex range, while the new HP rules only give the Finns one hex range with PF.

Note: in the two scenarios SV12-13, Non-1st Line Finnish/Swede MMC fire PSK with captured use penalties. While in scenario SV14 captured use penalties never applies for Finnish/Swede MMC firing PSK.

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SV1  TEN TON TANK - No updates in AP144

SV2  THE SWEDISH VOLUNTARY CORPS - No updates in AP145. Note: replace in VCs "on" with "in".

SV3  ABSOLUT MÄRKÄJÄRVI - No updates in AP146.

SV4  FRIVILLIGKOMPANI BENCKERT - Updated in AP147: Replace the German MMG with a dm MMG. 

SV5  LIONS AND TIN MEN - Updated in AP149: Delete the German 2-4-7 HS, replace the German MMG with a dm MMG. 

SV6 NORWEGIAN EDELWEISS - Updated in AP150: Replace the German HMG with a dm HMG.

SV7  PROBING KORSUS - No updates in AP151. 

SV8  THROUGH MUD AND BLOOD - No updates in AP152. 

SV9  MEXICO AND MOROCCO - Updated in AP154Replace one Russian 4-4-7 squad with a 5-2-7 squad. Decrease the Swedish SAN by one (4 to 3).

SV10  KATYUSHA VARIATIONS - No updates in AP155.

SV11  SWEDE REVENGE - No updates in AP156.

SV12 TRAP BY MISHAP - Updated in AP157Replace one Russian 4-5-8 squad with two 4-4-7 squads. Change "Two Finnish squads (not equivalents) may use HIP " with "Two Finnish MMC may use HIP". Non-1st Line Finnish/Swede MMC use PSK with captured use penaties.

SV13  RATHER UNCOORDINATED - Updated in AP158Replace one Russian 4-5-8 squad with a 4-4-7 squad. Replace the two "GrW 34" with two "81 Krh/32"  (the change is that the two MTRs cannot fire at a two hexe range). Non-1st Line Finnish/Swede MMC use PSK with captured use penaties.

SV14  DAY AT NIGHT - Updated in AP159Replace the "GrW 34" with a "81 Krh/32"  (the change is that the MTR cannot fire at a two hexe range). Replace the "Pak 40" with a "75 PstK/40(g)" (the change being a higher APCR#, A3 increased to A4). Replace the five "StuG IIIG" with five "Sturmi(g)" (the changes is that the AFVs no longer have Sd7 and now have Special Ammo H4). 

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