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Pavlov's Dogs Red Barricades CG III

04 July 2018 - 01:18 PM

Day One, 17/10
Russians Purchase and At Start OB, STAVKA Melvin F.
Two Rifle Coy (one depleted).
Three SMG Coy (one depleted).
2x AT Guns 45LL w. Crews.
Two Btln MTR OBA 80+mm (FFE two black chits and one OBA retained).
Roadblock, one AT-Mine, 6 Fortified Loc., HIP 4 squads, 7x?.

German Purchase and At Start OB, OKH Christoffer L.
Two Rifle Coy. Sturm Coy (depleted). STUKA Geschwader (arrive on turn 3).
Pz IIIL Pltn. Two Pz IIIH Pltn.
Btln MTR OBA 80+mm (FFE 4 black chits), Offb'd Observer & two Pre-reg hexes.

Russian OB (SAN: 4), (ELR: 3): 8 Ldr, 47 sq-eq (46 1st Line, 2 crews).
7 SWs (MMG, 3 LMG, Lt MTR, 2 ATR), 2 AT Guns 45 LL.

German OB (SAN: 3), (ELR: 4): 8 Ldr, 33 sq-eq (9 Elite, 24 1st Line).
14 SWs (3 MMG, 5 LMG, 2 Lt MTR, 2 ATR, 2 DC). 9 PzKW (3 Pz IIIL, 6 Pz IIIH).

Russian: 3 Ldr, 18 squad-eq, 2 SWs.
German: 1 Ldr, 4 squad-eq, 1 SW, 3 AFVs (two Recalled).

Aftermath: The German onslaught of combined arms plowed through
the Russian line of defense and cut of retreat routs with artillery,
Panzer and Stukas.
The collapse along the railway embankments were about to happen
when suddenly the call for cease fire came on Turn 6.
In the Refitment phase the Russian OB was bolstered by a pack of
Pavlov's Dogs that had been ferried across the Volga during the night
(DR of 12 on the CPP table).

Stockholm ASL Tournament 2018, 11-13 Maj

23 January 2018 - 09:59 AM

Hi and welcome,

The 16th annual Stockholm ASL tournament will be held 11-13 May.

The theme will be East Front with 10 scenarios. There will also be 2-3 Russian-Japanese scenarios in a pool that you can add one of the scenarios from to the tournament round before scenario selection.

The scenario list will be released next week.
The Tournament scenario pack will be available in early March. If you will participate in The Scandinavian Open in Copenhagen the scenario pack will be handed out on the site and will be posted (in protective envelope) by mail in March to all others.

Leaflet House Rules - Red Barricades

06 November 2017 - 08:54 PM

Here you can find the latest updated Leaflet House Rule for Red Barricades.

CGIII Red Barricades

29 October 2017 - 11:10 AM

Kampanjen startar upp med ett massangrepp med 4 tyska kompanier, en pluton stridsvagnar med understöd av ett battalion artilleri +80mm samt en flyg formation av Stuka störtbombare