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#25857 Interdiction

Posted by Klas Malmström on 20 May 2019 - 07:08 AM

Klart att det är en riktigt enhet som finns på kartan - annars skulle ju Interdiction i princip alltid gälla så fort man var tvungen att rout:a genom en Open Ground hex.


Dessutom är det inte "interdictor" som gäller längre - A10.531 har errata:


"For purposes of rout determination, Dash, concealment gain/loss, and Interdiction, an Open Ground hex is any hex in which the particular enemy unit(s) could apply,.."

#25834 Recovery av LMG?

Posted by Klas Malmström on 12 May 2019 - 07:21 PM

Utgår även från att ledaren även kan ta (Dr<6) lmgn och fördela den till en annan grupp i samma hex.

Inte i samma Rally fas, endast "en action" per enhet.

#25654 berserk

Posted by Klas Malmström on 18 March 2019 - 07:35 PM

..... får inte den squaden som är inne i meleen skjuta TPBF på de inspringande ??

Nej, dom har fullt upp med annat...

#25641 berserk

Posted by Klas Malmström on 17 March 2019 - 05:17 PM


Men om det redan är Melee så borde det vara annorlunda... Man lägger ju inte på en CC-bricka heller om det redan är Melee, eller hur?

Kan inte se att det borde vara annorlunds och man kan lägga på CC brickan på berserken  för att visa att den inte är i Melee ännu.


Här är en Q&A:

If a unit enters/advances into a location that contains a Melee counter, is that unit considered part of that Melee immediately upon
entry or after the CCPh?
A. After the CCPh.

#25577 Ännu fler nybörjarfrågor

Posted by Klas Malmström on 22 January 2019 - 10:00 AM

Däremot behövs det även pansar hinder markerade med text: dr 2^ och nedanför [bilden av] hindret: non-OG / +1 MP. 

Kan man få en kort beskrivning av hur dessa fungerar? 

14.51 TETRAHEDRONS: Tetrahedrons34 may be set up only in Beach/Ocean/reef hexes (but see also 14.56), with no more than one such counter per hex. A tetrahedron is neither an obstacle nor a Hindrance, but its Location is considered non-Open Ground. The vehicular COT of a Location containing a Tetrahedron counter is increased by one [EXC: this increase is NA for boats (other than LC), motorcycles, and wagons]. There is no extra MF cost to enter a tetrahedron’s Location. The reverse side of each Tetrahedron counter is called a Tetrahedron-Wire counter, and is used to show the presence of both Fortification types in the same Location; see 14.52.

Tetrahedrons may attack only LC. Whenever a LC enters, or changes VCA, or becomes (un)Beached as per 13.442, in a tetrahedron-Ocean hex the tetrahedron’s owner makes a dr (Δ; one dr per VCA hexspine changed); a -1 drm applies if Heavy-Surf effects (besides just Heavy Wind; 13.448) apply in that hex (13.445). If the Final dr is a 2, the LC is destroyed but no Wreck Blaze or Collateral Attack ensues. If the Final dr is ≤ 1, the LC is considered to have detonated an A-B mine (14.53) Inherent to the tetrahedron (no B28.51 dr is made), and the LC (and its PRC) are affected as per 14.53. A Final dr of ≥ 3 has no effect. If a LC enters a hex that contains both tetrahedrons and actual (i.e., non-Inherent) A-B mines, their owner may roll for either attack first; if wire is also present (14.52), its effects can come into play only after rolling for those other attacks.

A ⅝" parachute that lands in a tetrahedron’s Location must take a NMC as per E9.42, and receives an extra +1 DRM due to the tetrahedron. A glider that lands in a tetrahedron’s Location must add an extra +1 drm to its Crash dr.

14.52 WIRE: Wire may be set up in Beach hexes that contain no panjis, and in OCEAN/reef hexes that contain tetrahedrons. The presence of wire in a shallow-OCEAN Location adds a +1 DRM to a LC’s Aground (12.21) DR unless the LC’s Target Size is -3 or -4. If the LC (even if its Target Size is -3 or -4) does not run Aground due to that DR, it eliminates the Wire counter if the colored dr of that DR was a “1.” Amphibians treat wire in OCEAN hexes the same as wire on land. A boat (E5.) entering a wire-OCEAN hex sinks; all SW and Guns aboard it are eliminated, and its Personnel become Wading Infantry above that Wire counter [EXC: wire in an OCEAN Location has no effect on boats and their contents if Heavy-Surf effects (besides just Heavy Wind; 13.448) apply in that Location]. A Wire Exit dr (B26.4) made by a unit in an OCEAN Location receives a +1 drm.

14.53 A-T/A-B MINES: A-T mines may be set up in Beach/OCEAN/reef hexes. Those that begin play in shallow OCEAN are termed A-B (anti-boat) mines. A-B mines are treated exactly like A-T mines except as stated otherwise. A +1 drm applies to the B28.51 attack dr vs a LC if Heavy-Surf effects (besides just Heavy Wind; 13.448) apply in that hex (13.445). A Final B28.51 dr of ≤ the number of A-B mine factors attacks any LC entering/exiting that A-B minefield (all LC are considered unarmored vs A-B mine attacks). The attack is resolved vs the LC with an Effects DR on the Vehicle line of the IFT’s 36 FP column; the Original DR subtracted from “13” equals the number of DP inflicted on the LC. 12.68 applies for Blaze purposes.

All PRC (selected as per 12.678, if applicable) of a LC affected by an A-B mine are subject to a 16 FP Collateral Attack [EXC: a Passenger AFV (and its PRC) can be Vulnerable only if its lowest hull AF is 0, in which case it is treated as an unarmored vehicle]. Use the 16 FP column’s Vehicle line for each Passenger vehicle/Gun thusly attacked.

Mud/Deep-Snow do not affect A-B mine attacks. A-B mines can also attack Wading vehicles, but are resolved as normal A-T mine attacks.

14.54 A-P MINES: A-P mines may be set up in Soft-Sand Beach hexes, and in Hard-Sand Beach hexes that are adjacent to ≥ one Hinterland hex, provided (in both cases) that those hexes contain no panjis. EC are ignored when determining whether a Beach hex is Hard or Soft Sand for A-P mine setup purposes.

14.55 PANJIS: Panjis may be set up in Soft-Sand Beach hexes, and in Hard-Sand Beach hexes that are adjacent to ≥ one Hinterland hex, provided (in both cases) that those hexes contain neither wire nor mines. EC are ignored when determining whether a Beach hex is Hard or Soft Sand for panji setup purposes.

14.56 ELIMINATION: Each Beach Obstacle that begins play in deep OCEAN, or in a type of hex it would not have been allowed to set up in, is immediately eliminated; see 14.58 [EXC: A-B mines that begin play in Beach hexes become A-T mines, and A-T mines that begin play in shallow OCEAN become A-B mines]. During play, a Tetrahedron (or Tetrahedron-Wire) counter can be eliminated only by a DC as per B26.51 or by an Aerial-bomb/FFE-Concentration HE attack as per B26.52, while other Beach Obstacles can be eliminated in the normal manner for each type. Wire eliminated by vehicular entry (14.52; 15.23; B26.53) does not eliminate any tetrahedron in that Location; flip the Tetrahedron-Wire counter over to show just the tetrahedron. The applicable FP of HE attacks vs OCEAN hexes [EXC: DC Placed/Set as per B26.51] is halved (in addition to all other modifications) for Beach-Obstacle elimination purposes. Vs Bombardment (14.7; C1.8), all Beach Obstacles can be affected in the normal manner for that type of Fortification (tetrahedrons are affected as if they were wire).

14.561 UNDERWATER DEMOLITION TEAMS (UDT): The use of UDT is allowed only by SSR or by DYO purchase, and only by the U.S. side in a Seaborne Assault vs the Japanese set in/after 1944. UDT capability is given in the form of a number of dr which are resolved after all pre-game setup (and Recon dr, if any; E1.23), but prior to both Bombardment (if any) and the start of play. For each UDT dr allowed, the U.S. player makes the dr and points out to his opponent a number of Beach/OCEAN hexes equal to that Original dr. All Beach Obstacles in those hexes are immediately eliminated; the U.S. player is then informed of what type(s) of Beach Obstacle were eliminated, but is not told of their strength, number, or exact location.

14.57 BEACHING: All DR/dr required by the presence of any Beach Obstacle(s) in an OCEAN hex that is entered by a LC/boat (or within which a LC changes its VCA) must be made prior to the Beaching declaration (if any) for that LC/boat.

14.58 DYO: Each Tetrahedron counter has a BPV of “3.” The BPV of other Beach Obstacles remains unchanged (hence a Tetrahedron-and-Wire counter’s BPV is “8”). The U.S. (only) player may purchase as many UDT dr as he wishes, at a BPV of “5” each [EXC: purchase is NA both prior to 1944 and vs other than Japanese; 14.561]. UDT Expenditures are recorded as Fortifications on the DYO Purchase Roster. Note that in DYO scenarios the terrain of Beach Obstacle hexes may change from OCEAN to Beach or vice-versa (due to the amphibious player’s declaration of the tide as High or Low; 13.97); see 14.56.

#25493 Hur får man skydda sin berserks förflyttning

Posted by Klas Malmström on 02 December 2018 - 10:33 PM

Givetvis byter han målbild och går mot målet som är närmast?

Svar ja (men tänk på att man räknar hexes - inte MF).


"...If, in the act of charging the nearest Known enemy in its LOS, the berserk unit moves into the LOS of a closer (in hexes) Known enemy unit, he charges that unit from that point instead..."

#25415 Berserk ta fångar?

Posted by Klas Malmström on 29 October 2018 - 05:46 PM

En Berserk kan inte ta fångar - måste vara Good Order för det. Så tysken dör för "failure to rout" - men det blir inte No Quarter för det.


A20.2 CAPTURE: Berserk units can neither take prisoners, nor be captured. Otherwise, units can be captured in any of three ways.


#25402 Söker kartorna till RB

Posted by Klas Malmström on 25 October 2018 - 04:10 PM

Vill minnas att MMP sålde RB kartor för några år sedan - jag kan ha en extra uppsättning.....RB kommer även i nytryck (med ny-målade kartor) snart (om allt går väl i slutet av året, eller i början av nästa)....

#25393 Firing at infantry in Bypass

Posted by Klas Malmström on 18 October 2018 - 08:22 PM

Finns ju ett exempel .... men inte på det du nämner (tror jag) 

Kan du ge ett exempel...cool.png

Här är ett - det blir lite krystat eftersom det är så sällan regeln kommer till använding....


Din enhet står i O6 och vill skjuta på fienden (infanteri) som är i L6 och rör sig medelst bypass längs hexsidan L5/M6.

Din LOS till vertex L5-M5-M6 är blockerad av huset i N5. Din LOS till vertex L5-L6-M6 är blockerad av Rubble som är i N6.


Så kan du dra LOS till center dot av L5 instället - den gröna linjen...





"...A unit firing at a Bypassing unit does not have to trace its LOS to the target hex center, but has the option to make its one allowed LOS check per attack to either hex vertex along a hexside traversed by a unit moving in Bypass (thus a choice of two vertices for one hexside Bypass, three vertices for two hexsides Bypassed, etc.) instead...."


Du behöver alltså inte dra LOS till center dot - utan en vertex istället, men du kan dra den till center dot.


Senare i A4.34:

"...If the firer traces his LOS to the hex center, it must cross a bypassed hexside (thus usually qualifying for a -2 DRM for Non-Assault Movement in Open Ground) before reaching that hex center or the LOS is blocked...."

#25392 Firing at infantry in Bypass

Posted by Klas Malmström on 18 October 2018 - 08:08 PM

Kan du förklara detta närmare Klas ... ?

Det går alltså att beskjuta en enhet i bypass UTAN att se vertex eller hela hexsidan .... känns lite skumt.... kan man inte missbruka den regeln i så fall.

Ja, och nej det är inte att missbruka - regeln tillåter ju det klart och tydligt...

#25312 Avancera ut från Close Combat. [Human Wave]

Posted by Klas Malmström on 21 September 2018 - 02:30 PM

Nej, är du markerad med en CC counter får du ej avancera i Advance Phase.



"Infantry units which are neither broken, pinned, TI, nor marked with a CC counter may use the APh to move one hex..."

#25291 Scenarion från slaget vid Chalchin-Gol?

Posted by Klas Malmström on 12 September 2018 - 11:28 AM

Tror att 65 Red Star, Red Sun och G45 Halha River Bridge är från tiden/området.

#25244 Trench gully

Posted by Klas Malmström on 22 August 2018 - 03:08 PM

Blir inte helt klok på om en depression är lika med att det är en level lägre.....???

Försöker utröna om man kan lägga en trench från ett hus till en hex som sedan är adjacent till en gully o därigenom ta sig från huset ner i trenchen o sedan vidare ner i gullyn

Är detta möjligt ?

Hus connected direkt till adjacent trench gäller endast i RB, VotG, etc. - finns ju inte i grundreglerna.

Men på frågan om du kan då direkt från under en trench ner till botten på en adjacent gully så är svaret: ja. See B27.6

#25180 Snap shot igen.....

Posted by Klas Malmström on 16 July 2018 - 08:01 AM

Betänkt att center dot är endast en punkt att dra LOS till, inte att fienden är just där eller att dom som skjuter ser in till mitten av huset.

#25131 Commissar's House

Posted by Klas Malmström on 09 June 2018 - 09:49 PM

synd att den inte revideras helt (kartan)jag misstänker det finns massor med info som inte fanns när det begav sig RB producerades väl innan murens fall ?? 

Och synd att det inte blir helt "debrisade- factory- overlays"


Men annars blir det säkert kul.


Öser dom in lite brickor med standard (467) tyskar o standard (447) ryssar månntro ?? 

Kan vara så att man inte vill spel-testa om scenarion/kampanjer som eventuellt skulle kunna påverkas om det nu finns fler hus (stone Locations) på kartan. Tanken är ju att man skall kunna klara sig med den gamla kartan lika bra också.


Blir säkert en del squads till för att man skall kunna spela dom stora feta kampanjerna - jag har ett utkast till counter manifest men jag minns inte vad som finns på det.