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#26084 Red October CG I: X-TAG (2019 AAR)

Posted by CTABKA on 11 September 2019 - 04:24 PM

23rd October, German Afternoon Assault (2nd phase), Overcast, EC: Moist.

OKH German OB: ELR:4, SAN:2.
One Rifle Coy. One 2nd Line Rifle Coy. Hvy Weapon pltn (on-map).

17 Ldr, 80 Sq-Eq (6 AE, 17 Elite, 6 Crews, 54 1st/2nd Line).
48 SWs (2 HMG, 6 MMG, 18 LMG, 6 Lt MTR, 6 ATR, 3 FT, 7 DC).
2 Guns (GrW 34). 7 AFVs: (2 StuG IIIB, 3 StuG IIIG, 2 Pz IIIL).
OBA (retained) Nebelwerfer Rocket 150+mm (radio).

STAVKA Russian OB ELR:3, SAN:4. Level C Booby Trap.
Two Militia Coy (on-map), Rifle Coy (reserve).
T-34 M41 pltn (Dug-In & HIP), T-70 pltn (Dug-In & HIP).
40 FPP: HIP 6 sq, 1 Ldr, 21x ?.

11 Ldr, 63,5 Sq-Eq (13 Elite, 4 Crews, 16.5 1st Line, 32 Conscripts).
20 SWs (3 MMG, 9 LMG, 4 Lt MTR, 4 ATR). 2 INF Guns (76mm), 1 AT Gun (45mm).
6 AFVs (Dug-In HIP 3 T-34 M41, 3 T-70).

6 Game Turns

German Cas: 4 Ldr, 23 Sq-Eq, 7 SWs, 1 AFV,

Russian Cas: 4 Ldr, 31.5 Sq-Eq, 9 SWs, 4 AFVs.

German OB End of 23rd Oct Afternoon Assault. ELR:4, SAN:2.

13 Ldr, 57 Sq-Eq (4 AE, 13 Elite, 6 Crews, 37 1st/2nd Line).
41 SWs (2 HMG, 5 MMG, 15 LMG, 5 Lt MTR, 4 ATR, 3 FT, 7 DC).
2 Guns (GrW 34). 6 AFVs: (2 StuG IIIB, 3 StuG IIIG, 1 Pz IIIL).

Russian OB End of 23rd Oct Afternoon Assault ELR:3, SAN:3.

7 Ldr, 32 Sq-Eq (7 Elite, 3 Crews, 9.5 1st Line, 14 Conscripts).
20 SWs (2 MMG, 5 LMG, 2 Lt MTR, 2 ATR). 2 INF Guns (76mm), 1 AT Gun (45mm).
2 AFVs (Dug-In HIP 2 T-70).

SUMMARY: The Germans called down a Rocket mission that struck some factories in the rear causing no casualities, then they pushed head into the Russians lines, the Russian left flank held on to their perimeter but in the other sectors the German assault gained momentum especially when parts of the two German infantry coy had reached the Russian defense line, then the defenders were forced to conduct a fighting withdrawel in the factories [EXC: on the Russian left flank].

The dug-in T-34 tanks revealed themselves early in the battle and knocked out a Pz III with a flank shoot and repulsed the German infantry and started to fire intensive fire as their fanatic infantry support lacked the power to support them as they had their own problems caused by the relentless pressure by the Germans, When all had collapse in the central sector a cease fire luckily ended the fight for the Russians.

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#26062 Red October CG I: X-TAG (2019 AAR)

Posted by CTABKA on 01 September 2019 - 08:24 AM

23rd October, German Morning Assault (1st phase)

OKH German OB: ELR:4, SAN:3, Early STUKA.
Three Rifle Coy (one depl). One 2nd Line Rifle Coy.
Two Sturm Coy. One Assault Engineers Coy.
StuG IIIB pltn, StuG IIIG pltn, Pz IIIL pltn.

18 Ldr, 77 Sq-Eq (8 AE, 24 Elite, 45 1st/2nd Line).
37 SWs (5 MMG, 14 LMG, 4 Lt MTR, 4 ATR, 3 FT, 7 DC).
9 AFVs (3 StuG IIIB, 3 StuG IIIG, 3 Pz IIIL).
OBA: Nebelwerfer Rocket 150+mm (Radio).

STAVKA Russian OB ELR:3, SAN:4. Level C Booby Trap, 60FPP. (Crew & HMG).
Two Gds Rifle Coy. One Gds SMG Coy. Two Rifle Coy (Reserve, one depl).
INF Battery 76*mm Guns (depl). AT Battery 45mm Guns (depl).

10 Ldr (one Ldr creation), 56.5 Sq-Eq (33 Elite, 5 Crews, 21 1st Line).
25 SWs (1 HMG, 3 MMG, 9 LMG, 5 Lt MTR, 6 ATR, 1 DC).
2 INF Guns (76mm), 2 AT Guns (45mm).
OBA: Two Btln MTR 80+mm (Phone).
60 FPP: HIP 3 Sq, 1 Crew, 1 Ldr, SET DC, 34x ?.

8 Game Turns

German Cas: 6 Ldr, 24 Sq-Eq, 2 SWs, 2 AFVs,

Russian Cas: 4 Ldr, 35 Sq-Eq, 13 SWs, 1 Gun.

German OB End of 23rd Oct Morning Assault. ELR:4, SAN:2.

12 Ldr, 53 Sq-Eq (6 AE, 17 Elite, 30 1st/2nd Line).
35 SWs (3 MMG, 14 LMG, 4 Lt MTR, 4 ATR, 3 FT, 7 DC).
7 AFVs: (2 StuG IIIB, 3 StuG IIIG, 2 Pz IIIL).
OBA (retained): Nebelwerfer Rocket 150+mm (Radio).

Russian OB End of 23rd Oct Morning Assault ELR:3, SAN:4.

6 Ldr, 21,5 Sq-Eq (13 Elite, 4 Crews, 4.5 1st Line, 2 Conscripts).
12 SWs (2 MMG, 4 LMG, 3 Lt MTR, 3 ATR).
2 INF Guns (76mm), 1 AT Gun (45mm).

SUMMARY: The Russian defense line was linked up with the resting reserve soup-eating troops, a few skirmisher was a litte bit up front to lay down fire at vital cross-roads at the German attack-approaches, these Russians pulled back quickly to the reserve line as the massive on-slaught rolled forward. Russian artillery started to pour down a rain of grenades shells and had no problem to find targets for the 7 fire missions that during the day pounded the German troops. Tze Germans struggled to get across the Tramvanaya wide city boulevard as the soup-eating Russian reserves had to tuck their spoons in their belts and started to aim and shoot at the reckless Germans, crossing the boulevard often with the help of smoke placed by hand or panzers. At that point a StuG IIIB was wrecked by a hidden Russian AT gun and the Smoke-Stack Sniper killed two German leader and wounded a third, in matter of minutes. The fighting became brutalized as hand-hand fighting erupted among the soup eaters that flung themselves at the front Germans on the east side and wrong side of the wide street.

Suddenly a roar in the sky from a Stuka formation of four heavy birds dived down at the Russians and had no problem to sight the Gds SMG sq in the stone building and achieved a direct hit and disintegrated them as the earth trumbled. Another disaster struck a few moments earlier as a StuG hit the .50-cal HMG crew and killed it out right and malfunction the weapon in the process the leader picks it up and repairs it as another 458 squad joins him but suddenly lose his mind as they turn berserk under fire from a German light MTR that achieves a critical hit and wounds the leader, the charging 458 squad first suffer casualties by a nose-diving Stuka spraying its machineguns at them and then the remaining 248 rush into the Russian artillery in the open and face death.

The Russians rout back into the factories and hope the Germans do not dare to cross the open terrain and will be satisfied to have reached the railway embankment, but the proffesional Germans can sense a weakness of collapse and rush the hapless defenders on Turn 8 and get a foothold in the factory on the east side of the railway and manage to eliminate several russian squads and capture a handful of Russian weapons without much losses taken to themselves, in this final stage, thanks to the Stukas that pin down the Russians that tries to respond to the final charge. The first step have been taken, despite the bleak ending for the Russian defenders in this first morning assault, they call in more troops under the noisy loudspeaker from the German side calling for their-surrender.

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#26041 Infantry fire small arms fire as an ATR

Posted by CTABKA on 20 August 2019 - 05:52 AM

ATR can be used as Small Arms fire, the rules are clear on this point, with the exception that it cannot leave Residual FP and use normal malfunction rules.

C13.24 vs PERSONNEL: An ATR can be used against Personnel targets with one FP as Small Arms Fire (no To Hit DR is necessary and therefore it may be used as part of a FG but it has no Long Range capability; i.e., it may not be fired beyond 12 hexes). An ATR leaves no Residual FP even if it attacks as part of a FG.

#26040 Infantry fire small arms fire as an ATR

Posted by CTABKA on 20 August 2019 - 05:50 AM

Good to know about ATR, do not play it wrong :)

#25997 Red October - Hubertus Operation

Posted by CTABKA on 19 July 2019 - 11:06 AM

The perimeter for Red Factories CG I (2xHubertus operation) 11-15 November.

Blue Hex marked = Rubble of appropriate type (35 hexes).
Red Hex marked = Shellholes (6 hexes).
Errata: Rubble Placement in S9 & T11 on RB map is NA (Falling Rubble not possible).
G with an unbroken circle = Gutted Factories (6 factories).

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#25989 Pavlov's Dogs Red Barricades CG III

Posted by CTABKA on 16 July 2019 - 02:04 PM

Day 18 Idle Day, 3rd November, Clear, Wet, Mild Breeze.
Day 19 German Assault, 4th November, Overcast, Wet, Hvy Wind at start.

Russians Purchase 3rd Nov: Assault Eng. (Reserve), HW pltn (Reserve).


Russian Purchase 4th Nov:
Gds SMG Coy (depleted, reserve). Hw pltn (on-map). SAN increase. Fortifications (40 FPP).
Retained Btln MTR 80+mm OBA (Phone). Retained Lt Arty 70+mm OBA (offb'd Observer).

German Purchase 3rd Nov: Sturm Coy (Reserve), HW pltn (Reserve, depleted).


German Purchase 4th Nov:
Pionier Coy (enter), Btln MTR 80+mm OBA, Retained Btln MTR 80+mm OBA (Pre-Reg hex),
Fortifications (20 FPP), SAN increase.

Russian: 4 Ldr, 19 squad-eq, 14 SWs, 1 Gun.
German: 3 Ldr, 16.5 squad-eq, 7 SWs, 1 Gun.



Total Casualities Day 1-19 (17th October to 4th November):
Russian: 62 Ldr, 410.5 Sq-Eq, 117 SWs, 17 Guns, 7 AFVs.
German: 50 Ldr, 227.5 Sq-Eq, 90 SWs, 14 Guns, 17 AFVs (5 Recall).



4 Gds Rifle Coy, 4 Gds SMG Coy, 1 Assault Eng Coy, 1 Rifle Coy, 1 SMG Coy (11 Coy remains of 52 Coy available).

0 HW pltn, 4 MOL-P pltn (4 pltn remains of 12 pltn).



2 Rifle Coy, 2 Sturm Coy, 4 Assault Eng Coy (8 Coy remains of 32 Coy available).

2 HW pltn (2 pltn remains of 5 pltn).


ORDER OF BATTLE (end of Day 19, 4th November):
Russian OB (SAN: 3, Booby Trap Level: C, Mine-Dogs: 13):
16 Ldr, 43 Sq-eq (10.5 AE, 17 Elite, 17 Crew, 6.5 1st Line, 0.5 Conscripts),
27 SWs (2 HMG, 2 MMG, 3 LMG, 3 ATR, 3 MOL-P, 3 FT, 11 DC).
8 Guns (AT 45mm, INF 76mm, 3x ART 76mm, 3x MTR 82mm). Retained: OBA 80+mm (Phone).

German OB (SAN: 3, Three Vehicle 127 crews on foot):
19 Ldr, 53 Sq-eq (11.5 AE, 17 Elite, 8 Crews, 20.5 1st/2nd Line),
47 SWs (3 HMG, 10 MMG, 12 LMG, 7 ATR, 1 Lt MTR, 3 FT, 11 DC).,
INF 150mm, 2 Pz IIIL.

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#25986 ASL16 No Better Spot To Die

Posted by CTABKA on 15 July 2019 - 10:35 PM

Now the errata is officell.

Hopefully, next step the errata will also soon be officell for the Yanks scenario
- Defiance On Hill 30

Otherwise you will have to bring the errata up each time you play the scenario, regardless if you play with a stranger(tournament) or not (with friends).

#25963 ASL16 No Better Spot To Die

Posted by CTABKA on 11 July 2019 - 03:57 PM

ASL 16 No Better Spot to Die - updated 2nd edition version from Yanks has an errata.

The scenario have been updated with the following

In the VCs, change "three building hexes" to ">= 4 building hexes".
Add 8-1, 7-4-7, M2 60mm Mortar, and 1S Foxhole to the American OB.

Errata, in SSR 1 delete "[EXC: Cliffs do not exists]"

The official uppdates have made a big error by deleting 10 Cliff hexside, while the orginal version only Cliff J2-J3 hexside is deleted for obvious reasons. If you play as written the attack approach for the Germans will be much easier than the original design.

#25949 Pavlov's Dogs Red Barricades CG III

Posted by CTABKA on 06 July 2019 - 06:15 AM

Day 17 Dual Attack, 2nd November, Clear, Wet, Hvy Wind at start.

Russians Purchase:
Gds Rifle Coy (on-map). MOL-P pltn (Reserve). SAN increase. Fortifications (40 FPP).
Btln MTR 80+mm OBA (Phone). Lt Arty 70+mm OBA (offb'd Observer).

German Purchase:
Hvy Arty 150+mm OBA (Pre-Reg hex, directed by Spotter Plane), SAN increase. Btln MTR 80+mm OBA (Pre-Reg hex, Radio). Early Stuka, Fortifications (20 FPP).

Russian: 2 Ldr, 16.5 squad-eq, 7 SWs, 3 Guns.
German: 2 Ldr, 7.5 squad-eq, 8 SWs.

Day 18 Idle Day, 3rd November, Clear, Wet, Mild Breeze.

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#25948 Red Factories updates

Posted by CTABKA on 05 July 2019 - 12:13 PM

An errata, on the 2nd edition RB map a manhole symbol entrance to the Sewers is missing in Location U17.

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#25922 Ny typ av Fastik finns tillgänglig

Posted by CTABKA on 26 June 2019 - 04:03 PM

Fastik produceras ej längre, har testat en ny typ (Fixo Gum) av gummiklister som fungerar lika bra och finns i en behändig tub iställlet för en liten glasburk.

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#25911 Pavlov's Dogs Red Barricades CG III

Posted by CTABKA on 14 June 2019 - 09:28 AM

Day 16, 1st November, Overcast, Wet, No Wind at start.
Note that the 7 historical overlays are now used.

Russians Purchase:
Two Rifle Coy (Reserve-depleted, enter-Full Strength).
SMG Coy (enter-depleted). SAN increase.
Btln MTR 80+mm OBA (with offb'd Observer).

German Purchase:
Sturm Coy (enter), Pz III L pltn (depleted). SAN increase.

Russian: 8 Ldr, 21 squad-eq, 8 SWs, 1 Gun.
German: 5 Ldr, 12 squad-eq, 7 SWs, 1 Gun.

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#25909 ASL 11 - Defiance On Hill 30

Posted by CTABKA on 12 June 2019 - 09:49 PM

A close German Victory decided on Turn 7, much thanks to two German heroes that in the firefight proved to be to much for the Americans in the end.

Casualities: 2 Germ squads vs 3 Amer Squads, the German 8-1 ldr was wounded if the wnd severity had been fatal then the Americans played by Martin had won the scenario.

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#25907 ASL 11 - Defiance On Hill 30

Posted by CTABKA on 09 June 2019 - 10:01 PM

The new updated version of the scenario ASL 11 - Defiance On Hill 30 (Yanks 2)
Updates: Replace the American 8-0 Ldr with an 8-1. Add an American 3-3-7 HS to the initial force. The Reinfocements enter either on Turn 4 or 5.

Buildings that are Rubbled now may make it impossible for either side to win (MMP do not know what they are doing or perhaps they do and the rules in the Victory Condition section will be updated ).

The scenario balance in my experience:
Original version balanced in the long run but shifting in a regular short term playing of the scenario, U.S Reinforcements enter on Turn 4 dr 1-2 (A60-G40), Turn 5 dr 1-3 (A50-G50), or on Turn 6 (A35-G65).

New Yanks 2 version pro-American, U.S Reinforcements enter on either
Turn 4-even dr (A70-G30), Turn 5-odd dr (A60-G40), enter on Turn 6 Not possible anymore.

Six years ago in 2013 before the release of Yanks 2, the scenario was updated into a more fast played and no random long-term-play-balance-distrubution, than the original or updated scenario suffers from.

ASL11 DEFIANCE ON HILL 30 Americans vs Germans __(updated Stavka version: Delete two Game Turns; American reinforcements enter on turn 4; delete SSR 3; delete two BAZ from the American reinforcements; Foxholes may not use HIP; Bore Sighting and Kindling are NA).

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#25898 Red Factories turnering 2019, 31 Maj - 2 Juni

Posted by CTABKA on 02 June 2019 - 06:46 PM

Gratulationer till Christoffer för sin seger, och som första pris - blir han tilldelad en - limpa bröd - direkt från Bread Factory #2.

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